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YouTube Shorts is perfect for content creators to reach millions of viewers in a short time. Find out what four creators have to say.

YouTube Shorts is part of the platform and is an easy way to reach more people than with long videos. Creators post short content and provide their viewers with enough information in a short period of time. It’s a perfect example of how less can be more.

We spoke to four YouTube Shorts content creators with massive followings, and here’s what they had to say about creating Shorts content.

Inspiration to become shorts designers

Caption: Anjali Dingra (So Saute)

When we asked the creators what inspired them to become influencers primarily with YouTube Shorts, Geet said she always wanted to make a difference in this world. She was a practicing lawyer in the United States and returned to India to help slum children and at-risk youth. Using the platform, she was able to reach millions.

Today, she runs two channels – TheOfficialGeet, which offers videos on self-love, positivity and societal change, and EnglishWithGeet, which teaches its subscribers to understand the concept of basic grammar and speak English fluently. ‘English.

Joshua N Rose of The Chattambees loved the response on his early videos. This inspired her to continue her journey. Suyash Fashion’s Yashi Tank saw the potential in shorts, which is why she started her content creation journey. Just like others, Anjali Dingra of So Saute thought she would like to share recipe tips and cooking tips and started her channel.

Relevant content

suyash fashion yashi tank

Caption: Yashi Tank (Suyash Fashion)

The tendency with short content is that its relevance can be short-lived. A creator must constantly live up to the expectations of subscribers. Therefore, we asked how creators make sure they publish relevant content.

All creators agreed that analytics is a big help. But they have to constantly rearrange their thoughts and ideas to keep up. Yashi Tank said she had to keep up with fashion trends to make sure she appealed to new and old audiences alike.

Another approach followed by Anjali Dingra and Joshua N Rose is to ask questions. They create content based on feedback from their viewers and what they want to see. This helps them follow trends and stay relevant.

Success on Youtube Short Films

Much like content relevance, for most creators, success is also measured by analytics, views, and subscribers. However, Geet said she measured success by how many people she reached and helped. Many of her followers have told her that she gave them the strength to pursue their dreams or leave behind a abusive relationship.

Disadvantages of fame and relationships with trolls

the chamtambee joshua n rose

Caption: Joshua N Rose (The Chattambees)

In the digital age, name and fame come with the baggage of trolls. We asked the creators of YouTube Shorts how they handled it. While most creators don’t mind fame, Geet said the pressure to please the public is strong. She struggled with it at first. However, later she realized that you can’t please everyone.

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For Tank, the downside of fame is judgment. She said people often pass judgment on a regular basis. She fought it with Positive thought.

Speaking of the trolls, Dingra shared that it took a toll on his mental health. People can be mean on social media. However, over time, she learned to focus only on the positive, and soon the negative comments appeared like noise in the background.

Geet, on the other hand, said that trolls target her for her looks, weight, accent, etc. It was a lot for her to deal with initially, but she thought people left those comments because of their insecurities, and it had nothing to do with her.

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YouTube Shorts is a game-changer in content creation


Caption: Geet (TheOfficialGeet, EnglishWithGeet)

For Geet, YouTube Shorts is a game-changer because it lets people show off their creativity, has a large user base, and gives creators a way to share digestible, concise information with their audience.

Rose and Tank said Shorts gave him the power to win millions of hearts in a short time. “You can go from a few views to millions a day,” added Tank. Dingra said, “It’s the perfect length of time to engage the audience and get your idea out there to millions of people.”

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