YouTube viewers watched 200 million hours of Olympic content, reaching 190 million daily views

Youtube hearing during the Tokyo Olympics multiplied by seven compared to the Rio Games in 2016.

According to the video giant, viewers watched 200 million hours of Olympic content this year, averaging 190 million daily views. (This includes footage from the Tokyo Games and previous Olympics, YouTube said). In 2016, during the Rio games, viewers watched 29 million hours of Olympic content, recording 24 million average daily views.

This year, creators and publishers uploaded a total of 5,000 hours of Olympics-related content. YouTube partnered with broadcasters to show the opening and closing ceremonies, showed highlights from all 33 sports and, of course, hosted vlogs from the athletes themselves who provided behind-the-scenes insight on field.

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In his blog, YouTube arrested a British diver Tom Daley (pictured above), with 1.1 million subscribers, including #DaleyDiaries series – chronicling his Olympic journey and the events at the Olympic Village – has surpassed 4.3 million views. mexican diver Rommel Pacheco amassed 1 million views while gaming, with 14% of that tally coming from Youtube Shorts.

Before the Olympics, YouTube Television introduces several sports-specific features, including medal tracking, the ability to jump to specific sports moments in a DVR recording, and new ways to search for sports moments in their DVR libraries.

Shirley K. Rosa