YouTube viewers really want to learn how to kiss

From drawing lessons to home repair tutorials, “how to” searches on YouTube are up 70% year over year, according to a Google report. So far in 2015, over 100 million hours of how-to videos have been viewed in North America on YouTube, and while many of them are technical tutorials, the most popular search term turns out to be instructions on the most human way to connect that we know: how to kiss.

YouTube currently has 135 million instructional videos, many have come together in the beauty, cooking, and home maintenance/improvement supergenres. That’s a lot, but it’s unclear how that compares to the total number of YouTube videos, which are constantly growing at a rate of 300 hours of video added to YouTube every minute.

What is clear is that consumption is increasing, especially among young people, with an August 2014 study found that 81.9% of 14-17 year olds use YouTube at least once a week, along with 77% of 18-34 year olds.. Google found that this latter age group (“millennials”) are so aware of YouTube’s tutorial library that 67% of them agree they can find a YouTube tutorial on anything they want to learn.

Young YouTube superfans can be a feverish and voracious bunch, but they’re also passionate and loyal. Harnessing these fans better to make more money for YouTube is the task of Susan Wojcicki, who took over YouTube in February 2014. Hair, makeup and design is a massive new audience growing in an age when YouTube is a resource of choice to learn new skills from scratch.

Shirley K. Rosa