YouTube Viewers Divided Over Grocery Store Stunt: ‘You’re Really Stealing’

Laugh 4 Life is a popular YouTube channel with 1.17 million subscribers who tune in to check out some of the band’s pranks.

The channel’s most recent hit, “Stealing People’s Groceries,” is utterly stunning and has clocked up nearly 200,000 views.

“Sometimes when we’re about to pay for our groceries, we realize we forgot to buy something,” the YouTube caption Lily. “But why go back and look for it, when the client behind you has exactly what you need?”

The stunt featured an actor playing the role of a rude customer in a supermarket.

She started by pulling a woman’s groceries straight from her cart, then opened the package without paying. Then she stole the item from another man and when he demanded that she return it, she refused.

At another point, the prankster used her shopping cart to repeatedly push a woman’s shopping cart, then walked away. Then she opened a shopper’s package of cookies, ate one, then returned it to the person. There was no end to the woman’s rudeness, which only seemed to puzzle or exasperate the other customers.

Commenters seemed split on whether the video was actually funny or too mean to laugh at.

“This girl is wild,” one person commented. “We need a second part.”

“Funny guy. How can this be a prank when you really steal people’s food?” another added.

“I’ve wanted to do this for years!” someone else said.

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