YouTube videos now allow corrections after posting videos

After uploading a video to YouTube, users will now have the option to edit videos using a new edit option that YouTube recently implemented.

Previously, the only option to rectify an error discovered in a video was to remove the affected segment, make appropriate edits, and then repost the video.

Unfortunately, the situation got even worse when implementing this solution, as this method resulted in a loss of watch time and engagement.

Instead, YouTube users who want to correct something often do so in the video description or comments section.

However, this will only be useful if the user continues to scroll the page; if the video is embedded elsewhere, it will be of no use.

It is now possible to edit videos that already exist in real time without affecting how viewers see the video.

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Fixes to YouTube videos after publishing

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Youtube video fix after post is the latest feature added by YouTube. Fixes on YouTube are a hybrid of new and old features. Creators can always use the description section to point out errors and explain things to viewers.

The ability to highlight real-time changes while playing is a major improvement over previous iterations.

A “Show fixes” The information card will appear in the upper right corner of the video for viewers to access. The viewer only has to click on the tag, and any corrections made by the creator will be loaded. This map will only appear at a specific point in the video; YouTube clarified that it will only appear for the first fix.

The option also allows creators to link viewers to newer videos related to the topic.

Suppose you have already downloaded a popular tutorial video on, say, a particular software or hardware. In this case, you can use the Corrections marker to notify users that the video has since been updated. From there, you can also direct them to your recent video related to the topic.

It’s a seemingly minor improvement, but one that has the potential to be very useful. It could make your YouTube experience easier to navigate in different ways.

How to Edit a Video Uploaded to Youtube

Once your video is published on YouTube, you can easily change its settings by following these steps:

  • Open YouTube
  • Login to Youtube Studio
  • On the left side of the menu, click “content”.
  • Click on the video title or thumbnail
  • Make the necessary changes to the setting
  • Click save

The main goal of this new feature for YouTube is to make it easier for producers to edit videos and clips on the platform while keeping viewers engaged in the content being watched. Prior to this change, the only option available to creators was to fix errors in the video description or comments. (c).

Shirley K. Rosa