YouTube videos automatically open in a new tab? you are not alone

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The original story (published December 14, 2021) follows:

YouTube, one of largest video platforms in the worldhas a curious bug that has changed its behavior on PC for many users.

According to several reports, for the past few days, all videos on YouTube (website version) automatically open in a new tab, instead of opening in the same tab (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

YouTube videos automatically open in a new tab for many users

Users affected by the problem report that it started happening suddenly. Now all the videos they select open in a new tab, which can be very annoying for users who spend a lot of time on YouTube (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Youtube started directing all clicks on its homepage (and only the homepage) to open in new tabs rather than just opening in that same window tab. So basically if I click on a video it doesn’t immediately open there but rather opens in another tab. This started a few days ago and it only happens with my Google account, I tried this account on another computer/browser with the same result.

It should be noted that this would only happen on accounts affected by the issue. Apparently when using an unassigned account (or just no account) the videos open in the same tab.

The thing is, if I completely log out or log into another Google account, the youtube videos open in the same tab/window without starting another tab, which means it works as expected. It also works fine everywhere else except on the youtube homepage, i.e. in subscriptions, history, etc. if i click on a video it opens fine without extra tabs. Again it started suddenly, I haven’t been in my youtube settings for a long time and haven’t changed anything.

The YouTube team is already aware and investigating

The YouTube team is currently aware of the reported issues. The developers are investigating the issue to try to find a solution. But, there is still no estimated arrival date for a patch.

Thanks for the info – we’ve seen similar reports that clicking on a video opens a new tab and we’re looking into that. Thank you for your patience.

Thus, for the moment, users affected by the bug can try to fix it by using YouTube without accessing their account, while losing all the features associated with profiles.

If there is a related new development, we will update this article. Finally, you can consult the bug/problem trackers dedicated to YouTube.

Update 1 (December 17)

3:46 p.m. (IST): The issue where YouTube videos were opening in new tabs is allegedly been fixed. However, it is still unconfirmed if this issue is fixed for all others.

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