YouTube Shorts lets creators use clips from YouTube videos

Posted: Posted Date – 4:20 PM, Fri – 15 Apr 22

San Francisco: TikTok’s competitor, YouTube Shorts, allowed creators to use music videos from billions of videos from the YouTube platform, but with certain rules.

The new feature is an extension of the existing “remix” tool that allowed creators to sample audio from other videos into their own YouTube Shorts posts.

“Create your own short videos using our short film creation tools to mix music from our audio library or use original audio from videos on YouTube,” the company said in an update.

The YouTube Shorts feature is similar to the popular TikTok “Stitch” tool.

“Shorts you make with sampled audio are attributed to the original video from the source creator,” he added.

The company said music videos with copyrighted content from YouTube’s music partners are not eligible for remixing.

“If you upload a short video that you created elsewhere, make sure that any copyrighted material you used is approved for use on YouTube.

Use of copyrighted material could result in you being subject to a Content ID claim,” the company suggested.

The new update will allow creators to cut 1-5 second segments from long-form videos and shorts for use in new short content.

“Short films are automatically enabled for sampling on YouTube, and you cannot disable them. For existing long videos on your channel, you can limit audio sampling in YouTube Studio,” the company added.

The streaming platform also said that YouTube Shorts is now accessible via web and tablet.

Shirley K. Rosa