YouTube shares a preview of its new video sharing feature, clips

YouTube seems to be opening up more to the short video format after launching Shorts last year. The video platform has begun testing a new feature allowing users and creators to share specific segments of videos and live streams, called “Clips”. It is currently in beta, available only on a limited number of gaming channels. Support for the feature is also limited to desktop computers and Android devices, as the company works based on user feedback.

Until now, when sharing YouTube videos and live streams, viewers had to use its watch page URL. It was only possible to start a video at a specific time by adding specific parameters. Clips will now allow users to share part of the video or a live stream – between 5 and 60 seconds – with their own attribution.

The Creator Insider channel shared a preview of Clips in a video. You can test the feature by clicking the clip icon (located next to the share button) on this video. Once you plug in a title name and choose the timestamp of the segment of the video using a slider, you can click the “Share clip” button to get social media sharing options .

The clip generates a unique URL that you can copy and share manually or on a specific social media platform.

Once you have created clips, you will get a clips section tab on the left sidebar to share, delete and manage them.

Note that the clip continues to loop on the existing play page once a viewer clicks on it. Video monetization settings will still apply, and this could be useful for live streamers, as users won’t leave their channels. The game has been huge on YouTube, with the company sharing that it did particularly well last year. “Clips” is going to be a useful feature for sharing snippets of content not only for gamers but for all kinds of video content creators to share quick and interesting moments from their videos.

Here are some limitations where clips can not be available:

  • On videos made for kids
  • Live streams longer than 8 hours
  • Premieres while they’re still live
  • If the original content is removed, set to private, or violates community guidelines.

You can learn more about clips in this help article and try it out on all the videos recently posted on the Creator Insider channel.

Shirley K. Rosa