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YouTube is rolling out the video sharing feature in the mobile app to users starting today. The video sharing option will allow users to share the selected videos with their friends. The added feature allows users to chat with other users which makes Youtube a chatting platform as well.

The company has been putting the feature into testing since the middle of last year and launched the feature in early 2017 in Canada and other parts for a “soft launch”. After getting great responses and impressive feedback, the company is further improving the feature and starting to sign up for other parties starting today. YouTube is not listing the feature across the world at once, countries are getting it one by one, so in case you can’t find the update just wait a while, you will get it soon.

The new sharing feature allows you to share the selected video with your friends individually in the app. The sent video will open the chat window where users can chat under the currently playing video. During the chat, the video will be pinned to the top and keep playing, giving users a more real-time experience. The video will stick to the window and continue to play while scrolling down during the chat.

The idea behind the integration of sharing option is to take all the action of sharing videos, links and chats on social media and chat apps under the roof of YouTube. Whenever anyone wants to share a video with their friends or family, the user either needs to copy the link to send it or share it on the social media platform. Now, with this feature, the user can easily send the video to the intended person and discuss it. Until now, people preferred chat apps to share the videos, but this addon might change things.

In addition to the video sharing function, users, in addition to chat, can also respond to a video received with a video or giving a heart. A group sharing option is also available with up to 30 people.

The feature is too easy to use, you just need to select the recipient from your phone’s address book, the app will fetch those from the contacts. However, there is currently no option to block the request from abroad, but you can decline such requests. YouTube mentioned that the company will continue to improve the feature in the coming times and make it safer and more reliable for users.

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