You should soon start hearing hit records in more YouTube videos

The quality of modern YouTube videos is beyond doubt. The everyday content creator can now produce and upload YouTube videos that can rival many professionally produced shows you’ll see on TV. However, there has always been one aspect of their production that has always failed, the music. YouTube content creators have always had to avoid streaming copyrighted music lest the videos be taken down by the platform. Now, however, that looks set to change as YouTube announced a new revenue sharing model. Here’s what you need to know.

Youtube announced that he was working on a new feature called Creator Music, which will give musicians and content creators on the video-sharing platform a way to work together.

The Creator Music program will offer YouTube content creators have access to a catalog of popular music curated by the video platform. Use of any of the tracks available in the catalog will not result in any of the punitive actions normally associated with the inclusion of copyrighted music in YouTube videos, such as removal or demonetization of your video .

To make this possible, YouTube has agreements with more than 50 record labels, publishers and distributors. Essentially, the deal will see music rights holders bring home half of the income of YouTube content creators from the videos in which their tracks are used.

Although YouTube says the catalog will have hundreds of thousands of tracks, there are currently no major artists on the roster yet. Additionally, the feature is currently only being tested in the United States, but is expected to roll out to other countries next year.

In other news, Spotify is currently expanding by also offering audiobooks.

Picture via: Billboard

Shirley K. Rosa