Xbox One gets YouTube video sharing feature tomorrow

YouTube Xbox One Share Feature

When the XboxOne First launched in November last year, it introduced gamers to Microsoft’s vision for the future of gaming. There were voice commands, exciting new games and TV support.

But, among all the material provided by Microsoft, there were a few glaring omissions. One of those missing features that felt like an extreme oversight on Microsoft’s part, and Sony’s part for that matter, was the lack of YouTube upload support.

Fortunately, Microsoft has heard the demands of gamers, and YouTube download support is finally on the way. In fact, the feature is set to arrive on Xbox One tomorrow, April 8.


Rather than introducing YouTube uploading as part of a new app, Microsoft is smartly integrating the service into its current YouTube app. And then, in turn, the YouTube app will communicate with the Xbox One’s clip-sharing service called Upload. All users need to do is select the “Share Game Clips” option on the upload and then click “Share to Social Network” to access the upload on YouTube. It seems simple enough.

Xbox One Download Feature

Additionally, the YouTube app update will include a few more features, including the ability to watch videos in snapshot mode, pin a video to your dashboard, add a YouTube channel to Xbox OneGuide, and support YouTube-based achievements. But really, the focus will be on the video download feature.

Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t provided any firm details regarding YouTube sharing, especially when it comes to the length of the clip. We know the upload service limits videos to just 5 minutes, and we suspect the same will apply to sharing on YouTube, but it would be nice to see Microsoft expand those limits. Of course, 5 minutes is enough to share a cool moment, but there are people who will probably want to edit an entire production using both the Kinect camera and gameplay footage.

Anyway, with the introduction of Twitch streaming and now this, it looks like Microsoft is making its console as accessible as possible. Where once YouTubers or Let’s Play-ers needed a bunch of expensive equipment to create their videos, now it’s all possible with one device.

Are you happy that Microsoft is finally allowing YouTube downloads on the Xbox One? Are there any other major features that you think the Xbox One lacks?

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