Warning for MILLIONS of YouTube viewers about a dangerous one-click attack that installs malware

A NEW fraud campaign is targeting gamers on YouTube, Microsoft has warned.

Threat actors have carried out a large-scale click fraud campaign on YouTube that installs malware on users’ devices.


A new fraud campaign is targeting gamers on YouTube, Microsoft warns.Credit: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

Malware is a malicious file or code that can infect your phone or computer.

It can attack your device through malicious apps, compromised links or unsecured Wi-Fi connections.

What we know about this campaign

Microsoft’s cybersecurity division tracked this campaign as DEV-0796.

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The tech giant claims that the malware stealthily deploys browser extensions to compromised systems, for example. pirate news.

“Attackers monetize clicks generated by a browser node-webkit or malicious browser extension secretly installed on devices,” Microsoft Security Intelligence tweeted during the weekend.

How it works?

The hackers distributed the malware via malicious advertisements and comments on YouTube.

The files claim to be “hacks” and “cheats” for the Krunker first-person shooter.

Cheats are codes that help players gain otherwise unreachable benefits in a video game.

In reality, however, the links install a malicious browser extension when opened.

“Malware and unwanted software distributed as cheat programs pose a particular security threat to gamers, especially those who enjoy popular game series,” the Russian cybersecurity firm said. said in a recent report.

How to protect yourself

To prevent your device from being potentially compromised, you should be very careful when clicking or downloading suspicious links.

Microsoft also advised to enable “PUA protection to block installation of malicious and unwanted programs”.

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PUA stands for “Potentially Unwanted Application” and includes antivirus software.

“Use Defender SmartScreen to block access to malicious download sites and servers controlled by attackers,” the tech giant added.

Shirley K. Rosa