Use these YouTube videos to promote the Jamboree to your Scouts and friends

One person rushes around the bend in a BMX course… then another hurtles down a gigantic zip line… then another takes off in a kayak.

Young men and women throw tomahawks, climb rock faces, shoot bows and arrows, play on a water play structure and more.

All that stuff you can do to National Scout Jamboree 2023.

All that stuff you can see in a series of 23 videos posted on BSA’s official YouTube channel within the last two months. This is the perfect way to not only learn more about the Jamboree, but also to spread the news to your friends, family members and Scouts in your unit.

With the exception of a video specially designed to reveal the new Jamboree logovideos are between 45 seconds and two minutes long, perfect for showing at scout meetings or sharing via social media.

I encourage you to watch them all when you have about half an hour to spare because they’re all awesome, but in the meantime I’ve incorporated my favorites below.

Personal testimonials

The best to start with is the general promotional video, titled “National Jamboree 2023.” The last National Scout Jamboree was held five years ago, meaning some of the youngest BSA members at the 2023 event would barely have been old enough to be Tigers at the time.

Scouts of this age may never have heard of the Jamboree, or the high adventure base that hosts it. This video is perfect for them and their families.

From there, we have different videos that highlight all the activities offered at the Summit Bechtel Reserve. (Spoiler: there are many activities offered at the Summit.) These videos are accompanied by personal testimonials from former Jamboree participants. In some cases, their lyrics are just as powerful as the accompanying video.

Take for example, Cathie Seebauerwhich recounts her experience as a host of the Jamboree stadium shows.

“I just remember coming out on stage and seeing this sea of ​​scouts from all over the country…and it looked like this big patchwork of everyone who was in scouting from different backgrounds and cultures, but there they are. to celebrate,” she says.

So many things to do

Of all the places you can visit in Scouting, none offers a greater variety of activities than The Summit, and the best way to experience many of these activities is to attend the National Scout Jamboree.

Take for example, The Traxan off-road course that takes riders up and down as they race against their friends.

Similar videos are available water reality, The ropes, The rocks and The Canopy.

One of the Summit’s iconic landmarks is the Large zipper – five ziplines that allow riders to reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour as you soar over the aptly named Adventure Valley.

“One second you’re there, the next second you’re just flying down,” says Eagle Scout Michael Hall. “You can feel the wind flying across your face. All the trees go by. It was exhilarating.

A great opportunity for adults too

“What are your plans for next summer?” asks Ray Rodrigueza 2017 Jamboree staff member.

It doesn’t just speak to young people either. There are many openings for meaningful and fun adult volunteer experiences at the National Jamboree.

“Are you tired of your 9 to 5 grind?” Rodriguez asks his fellow scouts. “Why don’t you come to the next National Jamboree and work as a staff member? You’ll have the time of your life, and it’s a rewarding and rewarding experience.

And, finally, there’s an interview with everyone’s favorite blogger, the original Bryan on Scoutingwho shares his experiences during the 2005, 2010, 2013 and 2017 Jamborees.

“I like to think about the fact that you are writing Scouting history,” says Bryan Wendell. “If you can possibly find a way to be there, you have to. You will always remember the Jamborees.

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Shirley K. Rosa