StreamTube – A YouTube Clone Script to Create a Video Sharing Website

As a torchbearer and source of entertainment, news and celebrity gossip, YouTube is definitely the platform that has been embraced by everyone. YouTube, unlike other platforms, does not require viewers to create an account with them. It is probably one of the only platforms from which video streaming is completely free.

The video streaming business has grown so far beyond the reach that visionaries are calling for the incorporation of Clone YouTube for their businesses.

Software developers and coding experts sent companies who would provide YouTube clone script charging minimum money. The thriving media industry has developed applications which can be run on cell phones, tablets and also other gadgets introduced for the benefit of mankind.

More than 50% of the total internet savvy crowd watches online videos every day. YouTube, with its huge number of millions and the most dominant video sharing script, has established itself as the best video sharing portal of the current generation. The content used by YouTube in its videos is captivating and intriguing, which attracts an admirable number of customers every day.

A YouTube clone can be created in two ways, one of which is to start the adventure from scratch with the use of coding and design. The other way is to buy a video sharing script that has already been acclaimed and listed on a CMS based platform.

A Content Management System (CMS) is one of the most crucial things you would need for such a business. You need an excellent video player to launch such a platform.

One of the most distinguished platforms for CMS is StreamTube.

What is StreamTube?

StreamTube is a video CMS with standard YouTube elements that allows you to immediately launch your own video sharing site. This YouTube Clone Script is basically a video sharing script that has a pressed admin panel and offers different informational layouts to help the customers. It has an efficient and feature-rich CMS and is intended to handle a large volume of information on a daily basis.

StreamTube offers YouTube clone content which is completely adaptable of the video input transformation configurations available to the messaging system.

StreamTube is a product with staggering strengths and it’s more than that. Such company has inserted blueprint, payment gateways and also influenced its open source features allowing you to do it again as you wish. Android and iOS apps for your customers, push notifications to keep them connected, and ad administration are some superlative features of StreamTube.

The StreamTube is paid and the basic license costs $399 with all the basic features you need to create a Youtube clone website, such as 100% source code, web script, social login, unlimited users , unlimited video downloads, responsive interface, optimized SEO, dynamic administration. Panel, User Count Tracking, Viewer Count Tracking, Paypal Payment Gateway, Stripe Payment Gateway, Add/Edit Pages, Google Analytics, Unlimited Channel, Dynamic Subscription Model, Ads Management, Media Management Exchange and Anti-Spam Video Filter.

However, if you are looking for a free YouTube clone script, they also offer StreamView – LITE with some limited features to try before buying the full version of StreamTube.

Some of the important features of YouTube Clone Script developed by StreamHash are given below.

Create channel and subscription layouts

With such impeccable video streaming software, users can create multiple YouTube channels. It also helps viewers to subscribe to multiple channels just to relish the videos. Whenever there is a new upload on the YouTube channel you are subscribed to, you will get a notification so that it is easy for you to watch it.

Video ad management

As the owner, you can choose where you want your ads placed in your live stream. The parameters of advertising campaigns can also be changed accordingly. Basically, you can easily play around with the ads you’re going to run between your movies.

Dynamic admin panel

StreamTube admin panel is quite fascinating, dynamic and robust. These options help StreamTube to edit, add or remove already uploaded videos. Robustness can also make it easier to add or remove individual user profiles.

SEO Friendly

Organic traffic can even be accumulated by implementing a strategy that would reduce costs. StreamTube offers a built-in capability to acquire traffic in the easiest way possible; the process being labeled as “Search Engine Optimization”.

Such initiatives would increase brand awareness and rank you at the highest possible position on search engines.

payment gateway

Scaling your business will be easiest if you use a video sharing script like StreamTube. PayPal is the moderator that triggers the collection of payments for revenue generation for a particular YouTube channel.

A robust and secure payment portal is created that would be accessible to every individual across the globe. Credit card payments are easier and simpler than ever.

Download unlimited content

Countless videos and categories can be uploaded and created on the platform of video content management system like StreamTube. With a powerful innovative approach and bottom-up layout, StreamTube can support many users simultaneously.

The separation of categories also made it easy for users to search for the desired video on a particular channel or even the entire YouTube clone.

StreamTube can also work on Android and iOS platforms

The YouTube clone script developed by StreamHash has the feature of being platform independent. When talking about the recent times, it has been proven that more than 80% of the total YouTube users are watching content on their smartphones.

StreamTube would create an app for you which will be compatible with Android and iOS devices. Such an application would allow you to generate much better income than what a website would have provided.

Customizing Video Resolution

Once a video is uploaded in high definition, the admin can customize the auto-resolution feature according to their needs. In this way, HD video can be converted to low definition and standard definition for viewers using low bandwidth.

Users can thus watch videos according to their preferred video resolution.

Report abuse

While creating a YouTube clone, StreamHash also keep in mind that the video sharing script has the function to report any user who is guilty of breaking and abusing your clone’s rules and regulations.

The admin panel would help you remove such users and ban them so that they cannot enjoy your channel’s video content.

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Shirley K. Rosa