Spotify Files Patent for Short-Form Video Sharing Similar to TikTok –

A new patent filed by Spotify shows that the streaming giant is serious about accelerating its presence in the field of visual content.

The company recently introduced video podcasts to its platform in 2020 and continues to expand its AV offerings for artists, including canvas art and music videos. Recent developments have put the platform on a collision course with similar media platforms such as YouTube.

It seems, however, that Spotify has been paying close attention to TikTok lately. In a revolutionary move, Spotify has filed a patent that would allow users to share short “video moments” accompanied by music.

Spotify Short Video Moments Patent

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In the patent, the Stockholm-based company shares its framework for a TikTok-like ecosystem where users can select songs directly from Spotify’s media servers and apply them to their own videos. The ability to message and share these videos will simultaneously allow others to see the name of the song being played and the artist, so they can then search for the music themselves.

“Unfortunately, there is no easy way to add media content, such as a particular song, to a video message,” according to the patent filing. “Existing techniques typically require the user to send a video message with ambient music playing in the background, which provides poor quality and provides no context for the recipient of the video message to determine which song or artist, for example. example, is included.”

While there’s no guarantee the company’s abbreviated video plans will materialize, this move, if nothing else, shows Spotify’s concerted efforts to broaden its horizons and adapt to current trends.

Source: Digital Music News

Shirley K. Rosa