Snapchat now lets you share YouTube videos as a sticker in your snap

Snapchat makes it easier to share YouTube videos in your snap or story, allowing you to bypass the process of copying, pasting, and attaching the video as a link (via android font). The feature is available on Android and iOS.

Now all you have to do is navigate to YouTube, hit the “Share” button, and then select “Snapchat.” Snapchat will open and the video will automatically appear in your camera as its own sticker, showing the video’s name, thumbnail, and creator. After taking your photo or video, you can play with the size of the sticker, rotate it and place it anywhere on the screen. Anyone who views your snap or story can click the link and watch the video in the YouTube app or in their web browser.

If you’ve ever tried to embed a YouTube video before, you’ll probably remember you had to copy the link from YouTube and then open Snapchat, where you’d need to take your photo or video, tap the paper clip icon and paste the link in (or give Snapchat access to your clipboard). The video would appear as a resizable banner, showing a small thumbnail with the title of the video.

Snapchat’s new YouTube sticker (left) versus a YouTube video added as a link in Snapchat (right).
Screenshot: Snapchat

You can still add YouTube videos like this, but in my opinion, it just doesn’t look as aesthetically pleasing as this YouTube-specific sticker. The new sticker gives you a clearer preview of the video’s thumbnail and actually shows you the name of the creator behind the video, whereas the old plain link format left out this – sometimes crucial – information. Snapchat has also created a sticker for Twitter in 2020, saving you from sending screenshots of tweets, or heaven forbid taking a photo of a tweet on your computer screen.

Update April 2 at 6:48 p.m. ET: Update to add screenshot to compare YouTube sticker in Snapchat with link to YouTube video in Snapchat.

Shirley K. Rosa