Snapchat now lets users share YouTube videos directly on the app

Snapchat users on iOS and Android devices can now share their favorite YouTube videos with their friends through the Snapchat camera without copying, pasting and attaching a video as a link, the social media company said in an announcement.

Now users can open a video they want to share on the YouTube app, tap the share button, and then tap the Snapchat icon. This will take you to the Snapchat app which will take you straight to the camera app.

From there, users can create a new snap with an automated YouTube sticker and submit a snap as they normally do. Recipients can then tap the sticker to view the video either on the YouTube app or on the phone’s browser.

Until this update, the only way to share a YouTube video on a snap was to copy the video link and paste it as an attached link on a snap. Users still have the option to submit a video this way, but the new method provides a preview that shows a large thumbnail of the video, the title, and the name of the channel it originated from.

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“This is the first time that YouTube links can be shared visually to Snapchat stories and individual Snaps, while accessing the camera and full suite of Snapchat creative tools for self-expression. Our Actionable YouTube stickers take Snapchatters directly to the video in the YouTube app or their favorite mobile browser,” says a company blog post announcing the new feature.

In February this year, Snapchat announced a feature that would allow users to share their real-time locations with individual friends for 15 minutes or a few hours. It is mandatory for sender and receiver to accept each other as friends on Snapchat before they can start using this feature. A pop-up also appears the first time this feature is used to remind the user that it is only intended to be used with close friends and family.

Shirley K. Rosa