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Mumbai: An investigation into the dismissal case that took place two days ago in the Kandivli area has revealed a shocking revelation. The Mumbai Crime Branch investigation found that the two shooting defendants in this case underwent shooting training by watching different shooting videos on YouTube for a month and then committed the crime. The video of the shooting incident from the night of October 1 captured by the Mumbai Crime Branch is nothing short of a movie scene.

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In this video, the two accused Sonu Paswan and Sonu Gupta who fired are seen coming from a scooter. After that, one of them, Sonu Paswan, starts shooting young people. 3-4 young people started running for their lives. In the meantime, one was shot down and chaos ensued throughout the area. Let it be known that a young person named Ankit Yadav died in this shooting, while the treatment of 3 other young people is in progress.

The two defendants were arrested by the Bilimora Criminal Branch in Gujarat and questioned, they said they learned how to shoot by watching videos on YouTube. Mumbai Crime Branch DCP Sangram Singh Nishandar said a lot of information had come to light. How the shooting happened, it would not be appropriate to divulge it at this time. All I can say is that the defendant learned to shoot by watching videos on social media. However, further investigations are ongoing. The Mumbai Crime Branch investigation also revealed that the accused Sonu Paswan was also preparing for the Bihar Police recruitment exam.

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Illegal gun purchased in Bihar:

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He was also learning to use a firearm via social media for this exam, but a few months ago he used it in an argument with another group. Because of which he is now behind bars. The pistol used by the accused in the Kandivali shooting incident was illegally purchased in Bihar. Seeing this, the Mumbai Crime Branch is also in contact with the Bihar Police to find out where Sonu Paswan bought the illegal gun from.

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