Shakira’s YouTube videos now have bots in thumbnails – hacked or marketing ploy?

In a world of NFTs, cryptocurrency and metaverse, we have become accustomed to seeing artificial intelligence as part of our future. Something that wasn’t on our 2022 bingo card, though? The fact that Shakira’s YouTube video thumbnails are suddenly full of robots.

Fans immediately noticed the change in the “Underneath Your Clothes” singer. Youtube channel, which took a 180 degree turn yesterday. Video thumbnails such as “Do not wait,” “Perro Fiel”, and world cup anthem “Waka-Waka” now all feature the same robot in the background. So what’s up?

Fortunately, we all have a little thing called Reddit to collectively try to understand it.

Die-hard Shakira fans have taken to the website to lay out the possibilities and consider us mind-blowing. On the one hand, some think that the sudden appearance of robots is a marketing tactic – but what for? One Redditor suspected, “it better not be bulls NFT** i swear to god”, with someone replying, “My first thought. That would be the nail in the coffin of my fandom.

Others don’t believe the move has anything to do with NFTs – but could Actually hinting at a new single. One fan seems to have the full idea of ​​the possible downfall, writing, “Looks like it’s actually marketing for a new song. Which will be in Spanish and will star Rauw Alejandro.

Although it has not been confirmed, we are definitely dreaming about this collaboration now.

Many fans agreed that it was actually a marketing ploy for a single release, writing, “This has got to be one of the weirdest ways to tease a new single…Love it” and “Promo for the new single I think. I’ve seen leaked photos of a green set… She’s a big fan of robot dancing. One of his signature moves.

It’s true: She’s often performed her own version of the “robot dance,” like when she sang “She Wolf” on “SNL” in 2009:

So whether the possible single is a collaboration, many suspect it could mean the unveiling of “Shakira’s electropop” or even her “bionic era”, with one user explaining, “I thought it was [what] ‘Wolf’ [was] around, and for sure I’ll be up for Shakira electropop.

Overall, the consensus is that this is a likely marketing tactic…and it’s fun. One user wrote: “Love Easter Eggs. Gotta stay up…” while another commented, “Cybernetic Queen. I’m afraid. The AI ​​singularity is coming.

More proof that it’s a promotional ploy? As one Redditor explained, the clip thumbnail for Black Eyed Peas “Girl Like Me” featuring Shakira also has a robot now – so it’s highly doubtful the ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ star was hacked.

Yet some people continue to wonder if Shakira was actually hacked, mainly because other stars like Eminem, Drake, Ariana Grande and Lil Nas X have all been victims of hacked YouTube accounts at one time or another. That being said, it’s safe to say that Reddit has largely debunked this theory – and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that all means a new Shakira single in our future!

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Shirley K. Rosa