Samsung event gave a quick look at YouTube videos in Google posts

Samsung has would have, and inadvertently gave unreleased YouTube functionality to the Google Messages app. Specifically, during today’s Unpacked event and the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy S22 series handsets. At some point in the near future, it looks like users will be able to watch entire YouTube videos within the app.

How would YouTube videos work in Google Messages?

The feature in question, shown in the images below running on a Samsung Galaxy S22 series handset, is no small feat either. In fact, this is a significant change from how YouTube video sharing works in Google Messages today.

Currently, if a YouTube link is sent in Google Messages, a preview thumbnail of the video is displayed. Clicking the associated link sends users to the full YouTube app – or, for those using Messages on their computer. With the change in place, the YouTube video starts playing in a preview once received.

Then by tapping the video, the video can be taken in full screen. Complete with playback controls that aren’t entirely dissimilar to what’s in the app. Although somewhat limited. With only a timeline scrubber, a link to the full app, and full screen icons showing. Presumably, a tap on the video itself, outside of the bottom bar UI, will pause and play the video. Since these commands are not displayed on the screen.

This means users won’t have to leave Google Messages to watch videos. Or, at the very least, videos shared from YouTube, for now.

When is it coming?

Samsung just announced its Galaxy S22 series – and its Galaxy Tab S8 series – today. And there’s been no word yet from Google or YouTube on the new video feature integrated into Messages. But that doesn’t say much about when the new feature will arrive for users. It may be a timed exclusive for Samsung’s new flagship handsets. Or it could be ready within a week. Until the company says for sure, speculation is all there is.

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Shirley K. Rosa