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Written by Shankhyaneel Sarkar | Edited by Meenakshi RayHindustan Times, New Delhi

After Neeraj Chopra became the second Indian to win an individual gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, a video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggesting that Indian army personnel should be trained for such events is widely shared on social networks.

PM Modi’s video went viral after Neeraj Chopra, 23, who is a subedar in the army, won the first athletics gold medal at the Olympics on Saturday. He threw a distance of 87.58m in the javelin throw event to win the gold medal.

In the video, Prime Minister Modi, then Chief Minister of Gujarat, laments that despite India’s vast population, the country has struggled to win medals at the Olympics. The Prime Minister, addressing students at Fergusson College in Pune, said newly recruited military personnel interested in sports could be trained for the Olympics.

“Can’t a nation of 1.2 billion people win gold at the Olympics? People often heard lamenting and asking this question every four years during the Games. I understand that there are problems, but have we taken an initiative to link (sport) to our education system? Have we given enough opportunities to our young people? PM Modi asked the audience.

“If only members of the military had this duty, new recruits who are interested in sports if trained well can easily win 5 to 10 medals,” he added. The video is also available on PM Modi’s official YouTube channel.

Social media users have also referenced this video citing the Indian Army Mission Olympic Wing behind the success of the Indian contingent at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Chopra enlisted in the 4 Rajputana Rifles as than direct-entry naib subedar, the military said. Neeraj Chopra was selected to train at the Pune Mission Olympic Wing and the Army Sports Institute shortly after joining the army.

The Indian Army’s Mission Olympics Wing initiative to identify and train elite athletes in 11 selected disciplines across five Mission Olympics nodes to excel in various national and international competitions.

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