PewDiePie cringes at Logan Paul and KSI’s first YouTube videos

. Last update: July 12, 2022

In a recent Youtube video, PewDiePie and CinnamonToastKen took a trip down memory lane, reacting to the very first videos of many famous YouTubers. Two particular characters that got a big reaction from the pair were Logan Paul and KSI.

PewDiePie uploaded a video last week titled Old YouTube that was a little crazy. Alongside another content creator and friend CinnamonToastKenPewDiePie did an in-depth analysis of the YouTube accounts of some well-known content creators.

The two watched the clips, some from over 10 years ago, and gave their thoughts on the content and reminisced about the old school days on YouTube. Of the YouTubers they chose to react to, first on the list was Logan Paul.

Brothers Logan and Jake Paul are huge internet personalities and are now into a variety of things. From boxing and podcasting to videos, the brothers have well and truly cemented their status online.

And while he may have expanded his work by now, Logan Paul got his big break with the various prank videos he would create and upload to YouTube in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

While reacting to Logan Paul’s first YouTube content, PewDiePie and Ken found a video from 2008. In the YouTube video, a young Logan Paul filmed himself simply cracking jokes. Their immediate reaction was to comment on young Paul’s appearance.

PewDiePie & CinnamonToastKen stunned by young Logan Paul & KSI

“Jesus Christ is a baby,” Ken began when Logan’s face first appeared on screen. PewDiePie laughed but then agreed with Ken, stating that Logan is “really short”.

He then criticized Logan’s appearance and compared his 2008 look with Logan’s. “I didn’t look like that in 2008, that’s for sure.” And jokingly, PewDiePie said he prefers this Logan, he’s not going to lie.

The two also went through KSI’s first content and reacted to a video that Ken describes as “a YouTube poo video.”

KSI is a well-known English YouTuber and rapper. He regularly uploads videos of his music and often finds himself at the center of drama when it comes to his interactions with other influences. He faced Logan Paul in a boxing match and collaborates with various other personalities on podcasts.

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KSI’s video is of him thanking his fans for getting him to 20,000 subscribers, which PewDiepIe is quick to comment on as a “huge” amount for early YouTubers. He then added that “20,000 at the time was huge.”

After viewing Logan’s video, the two then reacted to the early videos of Zendaya and many others. Finally wrapping up and coming full circle, Ken and Felix reacted to their own early videos, grimacing and laughing at how far they’ve come from such humble beginnings.

Shirley K. Rosa