Parents warned of terrifying Huggy Wuggy TikTok and Youtube videos

Parents have been warned about Huggy Wuggy’s terrifying videos of a killer teddy on TikTok and YouTube. Police have issued a warning after schoolchildren were seen acting out the actions of the razor-toothed horror game character in the playground.

Chris Conroy, cyber protection officer for Dorset Police, said Devon live said: “There are videos people have made, songs people have made, and it’s popping up all over YouTube and Tik Tok using this pretty graphic imagery of this bear-like character with sharp teeth. It’s based on scary jumps and stuff that you definitely wouldn’t want kids exposed to.”

He added: “If you were to use even YouTube for kids, for example, it might pass because there’s nothing sinister about the name of a video. It’s really about paying attention to what what your kids are doing and making sure they don’t just trust YouTube Kids videos are safe because unfortunately with videos like this things fall through the cracks.”

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Huggy Wuggy sings “Hugging and Killing”. One line from one video reads, “I could hug you here forever, until you take your last breaths together.” He continues: “My teeth sharp and ready, within reach, yeah they’re deadly”. The blue bear also invites people to “lean in for a spine-breaking hug.”

Mum Rhia Fearn, from Derbyshire, told DevonLive her five-year-old son asked about the character: “I believe it’s accessible on Youtube and it’s really scary that this Huggy Wuggy snuck under my radar as a parent and infiltrated my child without me realizing it. Now I feel really stupid for not listening more carefully to what my son was telling me and realizing the violence that this character portrays.

The Killer Teddy has been compared to the Killer Clown craze of a few years ago.

Shirley K. Rosa