Now it’s much easier to turn your Youtube videos into short films

As Google strives to catch up with Tiktok’s popularity, the company has finally made it easy to turn your YouTube videos into Shorts, its small content.

Google is rolling out a new authoring tool that lets content creators turn their longer YouTube videos into shorts in just seconds.

To do this, they simply need to select a segment from any video they have posted on YouTube and then post it as a YouTube short.

Until now, the only way to quickly create a YouTube short was to upload a vertical video under 60 seconds and let YouTube automatically turn it into a short.

turn youtube video into short

Now content creators can take their most engaging content from existing videos and re-upload it as a short film, right from the YouTube mobile app.

“Shorts created from VOD will link to the original long-form videos so that people who watch your short can also see the original video. It’s important to note that only you, as the original creator, can import your long videos into Shorts, as this tool is not available for other creators to use on your content.” said the company.

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Now it’s much easier to turn your Youtube videos into short films

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Shirley K. Rosa