Nintendo blocks over 1,300 YouTube videos containing its copyrighted soundtracks

Nintendo is again taking action against content creators on YouTube for using its copyrighted soundtracks in their videos.


nintendo has always had a very strained relationship with YouTube, as the company has often had problems with people making money from its properties. Nintendo is slowly accepting creators making videos showcasing its games, however, the company recently decided to crack down on a slew of videos.

Nintendo was originally entirely unhappy with content creators profiting from the creation of content featuring Nintendo properties. This is what led the company to create the Nintendo Creators program. The program, which has since been disbanded, previously required content creators to enter into a contract and share their profits with the company.


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As expected, this didn’t sit well with content creators and Nintendo fans, who felt the system was burdensome and unfair to creators. The company then decided to set guidelines for creators to follow, namely that any videos or images that were copies of Nintendo game content without creative input were not allowed. The guidelines also stated that only Nintendo-approved gaming tournaments were allowed to be streamed and downloaded.

Nintendo recently removed over 1,300 videos from YouTuber GilvaSunner’s channel. This isn’t the first time Nintendo has issued copyright claims to a YouTuber using its game’s music. GilvaSunner’s channel had previously faced copyright claims, though none of his videos had been taken down at the time these claims were made. Nintendo was finally able to track and remove many videos from YouTubers. In response to this, GilvaSunner stated that they do not monetize the Nintendo game soundtrack videos they post and only post them on YouTube, as there is currently no other way to listen to the soundtracks without play the games themselves.

The company is unlikely to restore GilvaSunner videos because Nintendo is incredibly strict with their content creation guidelines. The YouTuber said that while he understands why the company removed his videos, he hopes Nintendo places his soundtracks on music streaming services in the future. This will give the masses access to these soundtracks while generating more revenue for Nintendo.

In the past, Nintendo has even gone so far as to claim copyright Minecraft videos featuring the Wii U version of the game if the video contained any depiction of the exclusive Super Mario Themed DLC. Nintendo has made no mention of placing its soundtracks on any music services, and unfortunately this is unlikely to be the event to encourage them to do so.

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