MrBeast’s ‘Squid Game’ is already one of his most popular YouTube videos of all time after just 4 days

  • MrBeast has recreated Netflix’s hit Korean drama “Squid Game” for a YouTube video.
  • The video became his 11th most popular upload in 4 days, amassing over 110 million views.

MrBeast’s video recreating the show “Squid Game” is already one of his most popular YouTube videos of all time, amassing over 100 million views on the platform in four days.

The YouTuber, real name Jimmy Donaldson, released its “Squid Game” reenactment video on Wednesday to its audience of more than 81 million subscribers. In four days, the video has already garnered over 110,000 million views, 9.7 million likes and over 480,000 comments.

The video was his 11th most popular upload of all time on Monday morning and it is expected to surpass his most popular video, which was uploaded in May 2020 and has 153 million views, if it continues to gain clicks at this rate. Donaldson’s current top video shows him appearing to spend “50 hours in solitary confinement” as a challenge.

Thursday, a day after the video was uploaded, Donaldson tweeted that the video had 42 million views.

Netflix’s hit Korean drama “Squid Game,” which debuted in September and became the streaming giant’s most popular original series of all timefollows a group of debt-ridden people who fight through a series of deadly children’s games in the hopes of winning a hefty prize at the end.

Donaldson’s “Squid Game” cost around $3.5 million to produce, he said on Twitter. The YouTuber’s version mimicked many of the show’s features, including some of the games the contestants played like “Red Light, Green Light,” the numbered green outfits the contestants wore, and the colorful, expansive set design.

Unlike how characters were killed after losing a challenge in the TV series, contestants who lost in Donaldson’s game simply stopped playing and left the taping scene, as seen in the video.

Donaldson, who is known for his philanthropy-style challenge videos where he hands out cash and luxury items like automobiles to people who win a contest, gave out $456,000 to the winner of his “Squid Game” contest, which had 456 people competing in a single video.

The video was currently #25 on YouTube’s “trending” tab Monday morning.

Shirley K. Rosa