Meet Doña Angela, a Mexican abuelita who attracts more YouTube viewers than Gordon Ramsay

There are no frills in Doña Angela’s kitchen, except for those on her apron.

The 71 years old Mexican abuelita cooks in her modest ranch style kitchen decorated with dried chili peppers, a cross and three spoons hanging from nails on the wooden wall in the background.

Her mouth-watering recipes bring millions of YouTube subscribers to the table – so many that Angela averages more views on the platform than foodie giant Gordon Ramsay.

In almost every download of his videos from his account”From Mi Rancho to Tu Cocina,which translates to from my ranch to your kitchen, Angela thanks viewers for their support and tells fans she loves them

Angela’s big hit on YouTube, with her daughter’s helpwas highlighted by Latino Metrics, which attributed it to the grandmother cozy and comforting atmosphere.

“Angela is not a famous actress or a recognized chef with a long trajectory and Michelin stars. She is a traditional abuelita from rural Mexico who decided to share her culture through food,” wrote Latino Metrics. “Doña Angela’s popularity among her followers is attributed to our penchant for traditional forms of fine dining, a loving and caring Abuela, and our craving for enchiladas.”

Over the past 12 videos, Angela has averaged more views than culinary celebrities like Gordon Ramsay and Martha Stewart. She has 4.07 million followers.

Angela cooks authentic, traditional Mexican dishes with an emphasis on seasonal dishes and affordable prices. Some of his recipes include pumpkin blossom torresnitos, pork chops with nopalitos (which are made with prickly pear pads), and chicken entomatado. Many of his videos have millions of views.

Angela’s videos are also used in schools for language understanding and have been noted by a Swedish university as an important form of connecting to culture through food, especially when people do not live in the Mexico, said Latino Metrics.

“I love Doña Ángela’s programs. She is genuine and humble. His cooking demonstrations are excellent! And, surprisingly, she cooks on a rustic wood-fired Comal, much like her ancestors did,” a commenter told Latino Metrics.

“She reminds me so much of my grandmother who passed away. It gives me a little connection to my grandmother who is trying to teach me how to cook foods from our heritage. Unfortunately, I was (too) stubborn to learn as a child. His videos bring me back. Lots of continued success for her,” said another.

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