Matthew Harris posted YouTube videos, manifesto with racist and misogynistic remarks

The former lecturer and postdoctoral fellow under investigation for sending threats to members of the philosophy department and students at the University of California, Los Angeles recently shared disturbing YouTube videos and a long manifesto littered with racist, anti-Semitic and misogynistic remarks.

UCLA canceled in-person classes on Tuesday after Matthew Harris sent what the university described as a “concerning email and post” to some members of the UCLA community on Monday.

Harris sent a link to a video referencing a mass shooting and an 800-page manifesto with “specific threats” to some members of the department, according to emails members of the philosophy department sent to students.

Harris’ YouTube channel had more than 300 videos, most of which were uploaded on Monday. But early Tuesday morning, the channel posted a message saying the account had been terminated.

Newsweek reviewed some of the videos in the account before it was deleted.

A five-minute video titled “UCLA PHILOSOPHY (MASS SHOOTING)” showed Harris speaking into a microphone, superimposed over footage that included scenes from the 2017 mass shooting at a Las Vegas music festival.

Matthew Harris inconsistently denounced race and other topics in YouTube videos that were taken down in early February.

Other video titles included: “MURDER”, “my racial angel, I’m so glad you exist” and “I’m ap*dophile, ladies I’m ap*dophile”.

In a video titled “IVE HAD ENOUGH!

Its manifesto, titled “Death Sentences”, contained racist, anti-Semitic and misogynistic comments. It also seemed to refer to UCLA faculty members. The document was shared via Google Drive on Monday, but appears to have been deleted early Tuesday.

Newsweek has contacted YouTube and Google for comment.

UCLA said on Twitter that the University Police Department “is aware of a concerning email and post sent to certain members of the UCLA community today and has been actively engaging with the forces. law enforcement and outside federal agencies”.

In a follow-up tweet, the university said, “We don’t have specific information that this individual is in California. Out of an abundance of caution, all classes will be held remotely on February 1. We will keep you updated. .”

UCLA spokesman Steve Ritea said Newsweek Tuesday morning that “out-of-state law enforcement has confirmed that the person who threatened UCLA is under observation and not in California.” He said classes would remain remote on Tuesday.

Several students criticized UCLA for not informing students of the threat sooner, writing on Twitter how they found out about it on social media and group chats rather than the school.

Harris joined the university as a postdoctoral fellow in philosophy after completing his dissertation at Duke University, according to a spring 2019 newsletter from the UCLA philosophy department.

But he was placed on leave in 2021 as UCLA officials investigated reports he sent a video with pornographic content to a student, according to the daily noise student newspaper. His term as a postdoctoral fellow was due to end in June 2021.

Updated 2/1/22, 10 a.m. ET: This article has been updated with a comment from a UCLA spokesperson.

Shirley K. Rosa