Ludwig lets YouTube viewers choose his new cat’s name and instantly regrets it

YouTube streamer Ludwig Ahgren made a rookie mistake by allowing viewers in chat to pitch him potential names for his brand new kitten, with “Cracker” winning a streaming game as the name of choice.

Naming anything can be an auspicious affair, nominative determinism aside, finding the perfect title for a pet should serve the dual purpose of being fun to say and accurate to the pet’s personality. Skipping the tough yards for a (frankly adorable) new cat, Ludwig threw naming tasks on her cat during a stream on May 16.

Quickly colliding with the well-documented problem of letting the internet name anything, a series of inappropriate names instantly dominated decision-making. Sifting through them, Ludwig picked out all the potential names and threw them in a game of marbles.

With named marbles running down a series of tracks, it was a fair and unbiased way for a name to come out on top. With ‘Cracker’ winning the tournament, however, Ludwig visibly regretted his choice to place naming power in the hands of the internet.

Twitter: Ludwig

The adorable cat at the center of the chaotic naming.

With the “crackers” controversy dominating conversations on Twitch less than 6 months ago, when Hasan, Bruce Ray and Froste were all banned from using a “racial” term, the name was not an ideal choice for the streamer. .

Although Cracker’s name won the marbles tournament, Ludwig tried to avoid the name by throwing a poll between “Coots” and Cracker as the name choice for the new feline. Coots ended up winning the poll with 54% of the vote against Crackers 46%.

Responding to calls from the cat that it was a scam and supporting Cracker’s name after his Marbles victory, Ahgren opened a Microsoft Paint window, drawing three names for the cat to choose from. With ‘Cracker’, ‘Marbles’ and ‘Coots’ on screen, the cat immediately started pawing at Cracker.

The cat’s devotion to the controversial name led Ludwig to declare, “This cat is a problem. For me, for society.

Referencing Twitch’s sweeping bans on the use of the term, Ludwig called out his partner and Twitch streamer QTCinderella, before lamenting, “How do I break the news to QT? She’s a Twitch streamer.

During a chat with QT where she outright dismissed the name, Ludwig asked, “Is it because it’s problematic?” to receive QT’s succinct response: “No, that’s because it’s a stupid name.”

Finding no answer to his nomenclature problem, the streamer ended his livestream with a full screen of the unnamed cat taking a nap, signing off with, “Say goodbye to Marbles, or Coots, or Cracker.”

Shirley K. Rosa