List of Best Free Video Sharing Websites to Download Content

Are you looking for a video sharing platform to distribute your content? There are hundreds of video sharing platforms on the web, but not all of them are free. Or shall we say that not all free video sharing websites are good enough to provide you with an attractive audience for your content? I have a list of the best free video sharing websites here for you.

YouTube is indeed the most popular video sharing platform currently, but we hardly know that there are many other such platforms on the internet that can give you great audience and engagement for your content. .

Free Video Sharing Websites

Let’s take a look at the list, but I’m not listing them in any particular order.


YouTube needs no introduction as it is the most popular video sharing platform on the web. It is most commonly used by bloggers for video blogging and content sharing which is obviously a mode of income for them. You can share your video content in the different categories here unless you violate their policies. You will find all types of videos on YouTube, from educational videos to entertainment videos, reviews to short commercial promotional videos. YouTube is owned by Google and hence you can use your Google Adsense account also here to earn money by uploading valuable content.


With a monthly audience of 12,500,000 visitors, Metacafe is indeed a great website to upload your video content. The best part of this website is that it pays you for good content. If your video is good and popular, it pays very well. For every video that reaches 20,000 views, Metacafe pays $5 per 100 views. Make sure to only upload quality videos here because the website has a very special type of algorithm that only ranks high quality videos. Metacafe is mostly popular for short videos, so if you have good content in your video and it’s shot in good quality, give Metacafe a try.

3]Vimeo.comFree Video Sharing Websites

Vimeo is quite a popular name and makes it the fastest growing video sharing platform right now. It is available in both free and paid version with some extra features of course. Vimeo receives significant traffic with around 130,000,000 visitors per month. The free account on Vimeo comes with some size limitations and limited options, but with the paid account, you get more space and advanced features. It mainly contains professional videos and is the best platform for people who want to sell their video content.


Break is also a very popular and free website for funny short video clips and funny pictures. Yes, you can also upload the images to this video sharing platform. This website accepts videos in almost all popular formats including MOV, MPG, WMV, and AVI. As these are short video clips, Break does not accept videos larger than 60MB. You can upload the video to Break through your mobile phone, through the site page or you can even upload the video by e-mail to Break. Break’s image album accepts JPG, PNG and BNG formats. It receives around 14,000,000 monthly visitors.


Dailymotion is almost as popular as YouTube and receives around 100,000,000 visitors every month. This is a French website and allows users to download the video in all categories without any restrictions. It also accepts long videos and large files. You can download a one-hour video on Dailymotion limited to 2GB in size. For regular users, the download quality is limited to 1280*720p. You can also add the tags, channels, categories here in order to get more engagement.


It is a UK-based video sharing platform that allows users to upload the video content of each category, although it mainly contains videos about world events, politics and issues social. Just make sure you’re not violating any website policies and you’re good to go. Informative videos, however, get a good following here on LiveLeak, such as videos announcing news or sharing interesting facts.


With an average audience of 100,000,000 monthly visitors, Twitch is primarily popular with gamers. You gave your gameplay live here on Twitch or can talk about your favorite games and more. This is again available as a free platform, as well as the paid platform where free accounts see ads and paid ones can enjoy videos without ads. The paid account also brings some of the additional benefits like increased video storage, chat emoticons, etc. Please note that if you have a free account on Twitch, you can store your live videos for 14 days only.

Did I miss your favorite site?

Shirley K. Rosa