Is YouTube Down? Video-sharing website crashes on November 18

It looks like YouTube crashed again worldwide on November 18, just months after its previous outage.

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Update, 23:33 UTC: YouTube appears to be fully functional again on mobile and desktop platforms. If you’re still experiencing an outage, it should be resolved quickly.

Update, 23:21 UTC: Desktop YouTube users in some regions are reporting that YouTube is functional again.

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For the first time in years, YouTube experienced a major outage on October 17, which lasted nearly 6 hours across various regions and devices.

It is extremely rare for the site to crash and can have far reaching effects on the web as it is by far the most popular video sharing website but it has crashed for the second time in as many months on November 18, visitors encountered an empty homepage.

Users face an empty homepage.

Users started noticing outages around 11 p.m. UTC, with many big-name YouTubers reporting that they couldn’t see their homepage.

Popular YouTuber KEEMSTAR was among the first to report an issue, posting a video to Twitter and then tagging YouTube Head Susan Wojcicki and YouTube Gaming Head Ryan “Fwiz” Wyatt.

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YouTube is on average the 2nd most visited website in the world, and this is only the second major crash in recent memory.

It also supports the life of 100,000 creators, who produce videos daily and depend on views and ad revenue.

As of this writing, YouTube has not publicly identified the cause of the downtime.

Shirley K. Rosa