Is YouTube Down? Online video-sharing platform is back online after suffering a global crash

(Photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Ilustration/File Photo) FILE PHOTO: A 3D printed YouTube icon is seen in front of a displayed YouTube logo in this illustration taken October 25, 2017.

Youtube Error
(Photo: Screenshot by Tiziana Céline)

If you were trying to start a YouTube video and ran into problems earlier: don’t panic. It’s not just you. For some right now, YouTube playback was down, with widespread anecdotal accounts and a spike at DownDetector. The dilemma has however been resolved and YouTube is officially backed up.


(Photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo)
FILE PHOTO: A 3D printed YouTube icon is seen in front of a displayed YouTube logo in this illustration taken October 25, 2017.

During the power outage, the GSuite Status dashboard and the Google Cloud status dashboard display in orange. But a quick check on Twitter or Facebook shows widespread problem reports.

Reports, including ISPs, will trickle down to other programs not directly impacted. Other sites may well have been affected by the disturbance.

However, the combination of more organic reports suggested it was limited to YouTube and similar services, apparently including YouTube TV and YouTube Songs, while it also affected the Play Store.

The reports were common and did not appear to be limited to any particular country or industry. YouTube search and browser still worked on many sites, but trying to replay video stuck loading or threw an error.

Some people found a handful of other non-Google service outages, including regional feed and some smart devices, while browsing the news. However, it is not obvious that they are connected.

TeamYouTube recognized the problem. They added that they deployed a patch to solve the problem. A Google representative referred us to the above tweet for clarification. To keep track of the problem, Google has also released a YouTube support forum.

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As of 8:30 p.m. ET, things seemed to be back on track, but you might have encountered a pair of oddities. Videos streaming on the YouTube platform at this point seemed to be working as usual. Some users have noticed a few error messages on the mobile app, but these will go away with a restart. At that time, YouTube TV worked on mobile for some also “forced closure” of the application.

What is the error message

YouTube started showing an error message that “An error has occurred (Play ID: [a unique alphanumeric string goes here])”

Youtube Error

(Photo: Screenshot by Tiziana Céline)

It’s unclear what the root cause of the issue was, as the YouTube comment above is ambiguous. At the start of prime time in the United States, the outage also occurred and created a large number of complaints on social media.

Google experienced a much more serious disruption earlier this year, according to Android Police. The disruption affected multiple sites, including Gmail, Drive and Nest, mirroring a similar issue in March. In September there was also a more moderate outage involving Drive, and two more Nest outages occurred in April and March. In short, it’s been a tough year for Google availability.

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