Instagram Reels Short Video Sharing Feature Comes to Facebook App

TikTok’s short-form video-sharing platform was an instant hit with consumers from day one of its launch in September 2016. Since then, many big rivals, including Instagram and Meta-owned Google YouTube, have rolled out their own versions – Reels and Shorts, respectively, and they too were successful with a significant number of views.

For example, the videos on YouTube Shorts were viewed more than five trillion times within two years of their launch.

Now, Instagram’s sister social media platform, Facebook, has announced the integration of the Reels feature into the mobile app (Android and iOS), and is now available globally in 150 countries.

Along with the stories and rooms options, users will now see “reels” at the top of the News Feed.

“Watching a video accounts for half the time spent on Facebook and Instagram, and Reels is by far our fastest growing content format. We’re focused on making Reels the best way for creators to get discovered, to connect with their audience and earn money.. We also want to make it fun and easy for people to find and share relevant and entertaining content,” the company said.

Additionally, Facebook has opened a bonus program, which is part of our $1 billion investment for creators. Creators, who create high-quality Reels content and consistently get a high number of views, will be eligible to earn up to $35,000 (over Rs 26.1 lakh) per month.

Reels feature on the Facebook app. Credit: Meta

Add to that, Facebook will offer ad revenue sharing, fan support, and other direct monetization options to content creators.

“We’re expanding testing of Facebook Reels Overlay ads to all creators in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, and other countries in the coming weeks. We’re starting with two formats: banner ads that appear as a semi-transparent overlay at the bottom of a Facebook Reel, and Sticky Ads: A static image ad that can be placed by a creator anywhere in their reel. These non-interruptible ads allow creators to earn a portion of the ad revenue,” the company noted.

With the new update, Facebook users will have the Remix option on the Reels feature. With this, users can edit and reuse a popular video in their own and repost it.

In the future, users can create longer Reels videos up to 60 seconds. Additionally, users will get the option to “Save as Draft”, so that they can publish the finished Reels content later.

In the coming weeks, Meta plans to roll out video trimming tools that will make it easier for creators posting live-recorded or long-form video to experiment with different formats. Additionally, Reels will get new options, including Reels in Stories, where users can share public reels to Stories on Facebook.

Reels feature on the Facebook app. Credit: Meta

With the new “Reels in Watch” option, users will be able to watch reels directly in the Watch tab and the company is also developing tools to help the user create reels in the Watch tab. The new update will bring the Reels label to the top of the feed so users can easily create and watch reels with just a few clicks.

Starting with select countries, Facebook will suggest reels that users can like in their feed from people they don’t already follow.

Meta also added that the company is considering bringing a feature that would allow users to upload Reels to their Facebook and Instagram audiences.

In a related development, Instagram has quietly increased the daily app usage time limit.

Previously, Instagram offered 10 minutes as a starting limit option, but now the minimum is 30 minutes. And it goes up to three hours.

In 2018, Instagram had introduced the daily limit as a measure to help phone users reduce their screen time (reading addiction) and do meaningful physical work like spending time with loved ones and also focusing on work. work and studies.

Daily time limit and reminder features on Instagram. Credit: DH Photo/KVN Rohit

A few months later, Instagram actually added another good reminder feature that would periodically notify users to take a break from the app. Here the option fortunately continues to have 10 minutes, 20 minutes and 30 minutes.

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Shirley K. Rosa