Insta Reels, YouTube Videos Won’t Count For ECA Admission, Says DU | Latest Delhi News

Delhi University officials said on Thursday that performances in videos uploaded to social media websites like YouTube and Instagram will not count as public performances to be considered for admission under the quota. extracurricular activities (ECA).

Admissions for the 2022-23 academic year through the ECA quota will be in 14 ECA categories, with trials taking place in all categories except National Cadet Corps (NCC) and National Service Scheme (NSS), have university officials said during a webinar on Thursday. . Applicants can apply for up to three ECA categories.

According to the university’s information pamphlet for the Common Seating Assignment System (CSAS), YouTube videos, Facebook/Instagram Reels, vlogs, and other content on non-peer-reviewed video streaming sites will not be considered for admission to the ECA category. Performances in restaurants or other private platforms that do not involve peer review mechanisms will also not be considered.

“YouTube uploads and restaurant templates, since they are all paid and unrated activities, will not be considered for scoring under the public performance criteria for admission into the ECA categories. students should not send YouTube performance uploads and vlogs as they will not be counted as a public performance,” said Deepti Taneja, co-dean of DU’s Cultural Advisory Office, referring to DU’s policy for admissions to the ECA.

Meanwhile, Dean (Admissions) Haneet Gandhi said the dates for the Athletic Trials and ECA will be announced in due course. “We will announce the full Sports Trials and ECA schedule around October 10. Students should continue to visit the websites regularly,” Gandhi said.

Taneja said that in the quiz category, students will be tested on general knowledge and not subject-specific knowledge. “Your Olympiad certificates in science, math, social science and Hindi are not considered general knowledge. These certificates count for academics and the corresponding score comes from CUET. The quiz will consider GK certificates,” she said.

For an ECA score of 75 points, 60 points will be awarded based on physical tests and 15 points will be awarded based on submitted certificates, DU officials said.

“We receive applications from candidates who do not have certificates but wish to apply under the ECA category… They will not be excluded simply because they do not have certificates. They will get zero points out of 15 but their try score will count,” Taneja said.

Shirley K. Rosa