India News | Beedi Worker’s daughter erases NEET while watching YouTube videos

Nizamabad (Telangana) [India]Nov 10 (ANI): Beedi worker’s daughter, who lost her father when she was just six and a half years old, passed her NEET exam and got MBBS seat using youtube videos .

Hailing from a small village in Nizamabad district of Telangana, Harika faced many financial difficulties growing up after losing her father when she was just six and a half years old. But her mother’s hard work and her own efforts, plus great help from YouTube videos, resulted in her passing the NEET exam.

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Harika was awarded a seat in Siddipet Government Medical College after passing her NEET UG Entrance Examination 2022. She achieved an All India level position of 40,958 in the National Eligibility Examination with entrance test (NEET) this year and his rank at the state level was 703.

Harika’s joy knows no bounds as she heads towards fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor. She said: “It was my childhood dream to become a doctor. First, I sat for the NEET UG entrance exam in 2020, but my score was low for admission into a college of government medicine. I reappeared in 2021 but still got a low score. Then I borrowed a cell phone from my cousin and started preparing by watching YouTube videos. I prepared for physics, chemistry and biology using YouTube.

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Harika said: “My father died when I was six and a half. It was very hard and difficult for my mother to manage my and my brother’s studies. She worked various jobs and paid for our studies at Holy Mary High School, Nizamabad. The school correspondent (principal) was generous and allowed us to study at a very low cost. She encouraged and motivated me and my brother to go ahead. My dream of becoming a doctor was inspired by the girls who joined MBBS during my schooling.I got a 9.5 GPA in 10th grade.I got a free place in Kakatiya Junior College with the reference from my school pen pal.To pay my college fees, my school pen pal got some money from some of his friends and colleagues medical services.Later MLC Kavitha gave hope and promised that she would help and take care of me financially.

Her mother Anuradha is proud of her accomplishments even though she was reluctant at first due to lack of finances.

Anuradha said: “I have a son and a daughter. My husband died when the children were very young. I moved to Nizamabad from Sircilla for the education of my children. My mother is paralyzed. I supported my parents, I worked several odd jobs and paid for my children’s schooling. Understanding my situation, the school correspondent made many exceptions regarding my children’s school fees. My daughter was admitted free of charge to the Kakatiya Junior College but the books had to be purchased.When my daughter expressed her wish to pursue MBBS, I was reluctant at first.My daughter started crying and pleading that she will surely pass the exam the third time, but she needed a mobile phone. One of her cousins ​​gave her a phone which he was using. I am very happy that she got admitted to the government medical college in Siddipet. Lots of people are helping now. MLC Kavitha promised to us to help. She gave us money and also promised a job for my son. She also said that she would take care of her studies for the five years. am proud that my daughter will become a doctor.”

Interestingly, Telangana CM, K Chandrashekhar Rao’s daughter, Kavitha Kalvakuntla promised to financially support Harika during her MBBS studies. Kavitha Kalvakuntla is a member of the Legislative Council (MLC) of Kamareddy and Nizamabad.

Kavitha, also a former MP, met Harika and her mother and supported her dreams by handing over the first installment of her fees.

Kavitha tweeted on Wednesday: “Dare to dream and never stop working until you achieve them. This is the story of Harika, who passed and excelled in MBBS exams via YouTube videos. met and her mother and supported her dreams by paying the first installment of her honorarium.”

In another tweet, she said: “Daughter of a single mother who is a beedi worker, Harika from Nizamabad is an inspiration to anyone who chooses to live their dreams. Meeting Harika and her mother, a beedi worker, and becoming a part of his incredible journey is truly a blessing.” (ANI)

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