In Indonesia, YouTube viewers seek educational tutorials above entertainment: study

A new eMarketer study explore Youtube Viewing habits in Indonesia have revealed that people in the Southeast Asian nation turn to the world’s largest video site for tutorials and educational content more than entertainment.

Local research firm Jack Pat found that tutorial channels are the most popular in Indonesia, surpassing those run by popular personalities from YouTube or other entertainment teams, eMarketer Reports. 54% of all respondents to a February survey said they subscribed to tutorial-focused content on YouTube, while 50.3% said they search for influencers, 35% subscribe to TV shows and 33% visit the site for news.

In addition to being the most viewed types of videos in Indonesia, tutorials are also the most downloaded, according to eMarketer reports, accounting for 43% of respondents’ downloads. Meanwhile, 41% of downloaders said they shared review videos, while 37% said they shared daily vlogs.

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There are 76 million digital video viewers in Indonesia, up 14% from last year, according to eMarketer. And YouTube is massively popular in the country: the service is used by 89% of all citizens with an Internet connection, including Joko Widodo, the country’s president (pictured above), who operates a thriving vlog channel. Indonesia is also a priority for YouTube as it continues to roll out YouTube Goan app that seeks to subvert high data costs and spotty internet connections in South Asian and Middle Eastern markets.

Shirley K. Rosa