Hyderabad siblings print fake lakh money after watching YouTube videos

The Hyderabad siblings printed fake banknotes after watching YouTube videos. Northern Zone DCP, Chandana Deepthi, speaking to the media, revealed the details of the case at his office in Secunderabad on Tuesday.

Kasturi Ramesh Babu (35) from Pune in Maharashtra studied up to first grade. A few years ago he came to town for work and started working as a mechanic in a shed at Bandlaguda Jagir Kali Mandir. He falls in love with a young woman from the region and marries her. Ramesh Babu’s younger sister, K. Rameshwari, is studying medicine at a college in the city.

Having lost his job during confinement and encountered financial difficulties. He saw videos of fake banknotes being made on YouTube and started printing and trading them through agents. The brother and sister traveled to Delhi several times and bought new printers, chemicals and other materials to print counterfeit currency. They rented an apartment near Kalimandir. They started printing Rs.100, Rs 200 and Rs 500 notes and started circulating them in Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Do you know that Ramesh Babu got caught?

Satla Anjaiah (38), a resident of Ramanthapur, worked as a security guard in Nacharam. After watching the fake currency making video, Anjaiah wrote a comment for the video asking for help to get out of financial difficulties. Based on this, Ramesh Babu called him. Ramesh had recently taken Rs. 50,000 in original cash from Anjaiah at the TSPA junction and handed in counterfeit money of Rs 1.30 lakh. After exchanging 40,000 rupees, Anjaiah went to a fruit seller named Gopi Ramaswamy at Secunderabad railway station on September 19. He bought some fruit and handed over a 200 rupee note. The fruit vendor who discovered the note was fake asked Anjaiah but the latter tried to run away. Gopi Rama Swamy caught him and handed him over to Gopalapuram Police. The cops filed a complaint and opened an investigation. Ramesh Babu and Anjaiah were arrested by the police and taken into custody. Police recovered 2,500 notes, printers, two mobile phones, a car and a two-wheeler worth Rs 2.50 lakh from the accused.

DCP Chandana Deepthi said more details would be released if Rameshwari, who is on the run, is arrested. In 6 months, it is believed that Rs. 60-70 lakh counterfeit notes have been printed and are in circulation.

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Shirley K. Rosa