How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline on PC, Mac or Laptop

Sometimes you may be on a flight or in an area with no network or in the worst case you run out of data and want to download and watch a Youtube video offline. Whatever your reason, we’ll walk you through an easy way to watch YouTube videos offline on a computer, Mac or laptop.

You might think that downloading a YouTube video is a hassle because you would need a third-party service for that, but it’s not. It’s as easy as uploading a video to the YouTube mobile app. However, there is a catch, you must be subscribed to the YouTubePremium to watch videos offline on your PC, Mac or laptop. You can also search for third-party YouTube video downloaders to download and watch YouTube video offline on PC, Mac or laptop.

Follow the steps mentioned below to download and watch YouTube videos offline on PC, Mac or laptop.


Visit on a web browser, or you can also download the YouTube web app to your PC, Mac, or laptop.


Now open the video you want to watch offline.


Tap the download button below the video player to download the video.

Now whenever you open YouTube offline, there is an option to access downloads and watch YouTube videos offline. Downloaded videos will only be accessible on the device you downloaded them to for 30 days.


Shirley K. Rosa