How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline: Check the Steps Here

You can download any YouTube videos you want to watch them later when you are in an area with no network or short on data. Here’s how to watch YouTube videos offline.

YouTube is one of the favorite video streaming platforms for many users who don’t want to spend money to buy a subscription to watch movies or videos on several topics. It hosts a lot of content ranging from videos to popular songs and movies for free. It is arguably the largest video content library in the world and hence many people rely on the app for educational videos, daily problem solving recipes and much more. However, poor internet service can interrupt your binge-watching sessions. In such cases, it will be ideal to download the YouTube videos of your choice for later viewing while you are on a flight or in an area with no network or short on data. This will not only give you a smooth viewing experience, but it will also require less data. o, how is it done? Well, know how to watch YouTube videos offline.

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Although some third-party services allow users to download videos for later viewing, these can be risky and lead to data theft. The video streaming platform itself has a built-in mechanism that allows users to download a video and save it to downloaded sections or view later sections. The process is quite simple on mobile, but you must have a YouTube Premium subscription to watch videos offline on your PC, Mac, or laptop. However, if you’re not a premium subscriber, you’ll need to use a converter like OnlineVideoConverter to turn the stream into a downloadable file.

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Shirley K. Rosa