How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos With or Without a Link

YouTube videos can come and go. One day a video may be trending, and another the YouTube video not playing or left. Nevertheless, there is still a chance that you can watch it again or share it. How do you watch deleted YouTube videos, and do you need to know their links or not, you ask?

Luckily, you don’t have to remember video URLs. We will share the steps to follow when you have the links or not.

Why do YouTube videos disappear?

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Before learning how to watch deleted YouTube videos, you might wonder why your favorite videos are now missing and unplayable. So, let’s address that briefly first.

There are many possible reasons behind the said scenario which can be actions or issues on YouTube, the uploader or your end. Here are the most common:

  • The owner or author of the ad deleted or hidden their video and may have re-uploaded it on another account or channel.
  • The channel that contains the video has been deleted or hidden.
  • YouTube removed the video because the content violated the site’s guidelines.
  • The YouTube app has bugs or errors or the site is down and cannot find and play the video.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos with Links

Now that you know the possible causes for video deletion, it’s time to move on to our tutorials. Here we explain how to watch deleted YouTube videos when you know their links.


You can check the link of a deleted YouTube video from your social media shared posts, browser history, YouTube watch history, likes and queue To watch later. Having a link is better because methods that require a URL may lead you to the deleted video faster than others. That said, searching without a link is not futile; it can work too.

1. Use the Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine, accessible through, is a popular tool for checking various online content that has already been deleted. that you wanted see deleted tweets from Twitter or view a previous working version of a website, it might show you what you’re looking for. How come, you ask? It takes screenshots of web pages on certain dates (more frequently for popular ones than unpopular ones) and archives them for you.

It is easy to check if Wayback Machine has archived a previous version of the page hosting the deleted YouTube video. Follow these steps:

  1. Head toward through your mobile or web browser.
  2. In the empty URL search box, type the link of the deleted YouTube video.
  3. Wait for a calendar interface to appear.
    * If you see it, it means Wayback Machine took snapshots of the page or video before it was deleted. If Wayback Machine says it didn’t archive the URL, this method won’t work.

    Watch Deleted YouTube Videos via Wayback Machine
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  4. Select a year that Wayback Machine took a snapshot of the video.
    *A black vertical bar on the year means that the archiving tool took snapshots of the page during that year.
  5. On a calendar month below, tap a date highlighted in blue.
    * The round blue highlight means there was a snapshot for that day.
  6. In the context menu, click a screenshot timestamp you want to check.

    Wayback Machine lets you easily choose an archive in the timeline view
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  7. Wait for Wayback Machine to show you a working YouTube page archived on the selected date.
  8. Watch the deleted YouTube video on the archived page you are currently on.
Wayback Machine can load an old working version of a page
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That’s all for how to watch deleted YouTube videos using Wayback Machine. It’s easy, right? Best of all, Wayback Machine is usable whether the videos you want to review have been made private or deleted.

Try Google search using the video link

Deleted YouTube videos are no longer available on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared on other platforms as well. To check if there are other sources that may be hosting or showcasing a lost video, you need a basic Google search and the video link. Here is the exact process:

  1. Go to your Google Chrome mobile or web browser.
  2. In the search field, enter the URL of the YouTube video (all or part of the channel starting with “v=”).
  3. If there are webpage results, click on the one that featured the deleted YouTube video.
    *Web pages will appear if they displayed the deleted YouTube video’s text link instead of just embedding the video.
  4. Although unplayable, check the video on the webpage to spot its title.

    Google search helps to find other platforms where a deleted video is still online
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  5. Do another Google search using the keywords website: followed by the title of the video.
    *If you know the title of the video from the beginning, you can skip to this step immediately after the first one.
  6. Check the search results and watch the video once you find it.

Searching by link and then by title may cause Google to show videos with the same title or other platforms where the deleted video is still viewable (e.g. social media or video websites). This gives you a high chance of spotting a deleted YouTube video if the uploader has re-uploaded it to another YouTube channel or hasn’t deleted it from their other websites yet. Once you see the video you want, you can watch it on this alternative source.

How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Without Links

In this section, we discuss the methods to watch deleted YouTube videos if you cannot remember or retrieve the links.

1. Watch deleted YouTube videos on other sites

Try other streaming sites if you don't have the deleted YouTube video link
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If you don’t know the video link, you can skip google search and try to find the deleted YouTube video directly on other mainstream. video hosting sites (for example, Vimeo or Dailymotion).

Of course, this can only work if you know the video title or YouTuber’s channel on the other platform. Also, the uploader should have posted the video on this video hosting site in the first place. Otherwise, you will not be able to find and watch what you are looking for on another platform.

2. Restore your video backups

Are you the owner or uploader of YouTube videos? If so, whether or not you know the links to the missing videos doesn’t matter. The best way to watch your deleted YouTube videos is to back them up. If you downloaded the videos to your computer or mobile device, just start the files and watch them or re-upload them if you accidentally delete them.

3. Troubleshoot YouTube, then try watching the video again

The YouTube message “This video is no longer available” does not immediately imply that the video is removed (unless copyright infringed or set as private, which is noted below). It could mean unavailable only at the moment, especially if the message is an error. Thus, it is also reasonable to check the YouTube app or website for signs of bugs or errors. However, you won’t know a bug is the culprit until you try a few fixes.

There are many ways to fix app or site issues, but in your scenario, here are the easiest ones to try:

Update your YouTube app

YouTube on the App Store
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If you’re streaming using the YouTube app, update it. An update is one of the best ways to get rid of bugs because it likely contains fixes or fixes.

On Android, start the Google Play Store, then search for YouTube and tap on its update option. On iOS, go to your profile on the App Store, then find YouTube among pending updates and tap its Update button. Then the unavailable YouTube video can be playable again.

Check if YouTube is down and wait or report the problem

When YouTube is down, it may have problems finding or loading videos
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If you are used to watching on the web version of YouTube, check if the site is down or not. You can use web tools such as Descent detector to see the status of the YouTube server. If YouTube is down, that’s probably why it can’t find or play videos. You should wait until it is on again.

When the site is up and running but the video availability issue persists, you can alert YouTube to the issue and wait for an official response. There are two ways to do this: ask the Help Community for expert advice or send feedback to YouTube. You can find the Ask the community for help and Send Feedback options by tapping your profile avatar in the YouTube app, then clicking Help & Feedback. Fill out the forms you see with your concern and wait for YouTube experts to respond.


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Enjoy deleted YouTube videos today

A deleted YouTube video doesn’t always mean it has bad content. Whatever the reason, some audiences might like to see it again. So anyone looking to watch deleted YouTube videos can find workarounds – and the best ones are here. Try them to enjoy deleted YouTube videos now!

Shirley K. Rosa