How to share YouTube videos with the team in Tracup?

In work, studies and life, some come across a Youtube video which is very useful, what do you do? Click on a bookmark? You have already marked too much content. Share a message, or even send an email? You already have too much spam. Maybe you have another way to embed this Youtube video in a Tracup task, assign it to yourself, set a due date and tag the category.

Wow, this video is so amazing and funny, after watching it, you might like to share it with your best friend. Let him see the videos. So how do you share the videos? How many ways to share the videos? Let me explain to you.

The origins of YouTube

Most of us already know what YouTube is, but I would still like to give you some background. YouTube is an American online video sharing and social media platform headquartered in San Bruno, California. It was launched on February 14, 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. It is owned by Google and is the second most visited website after Google search. YouTube has over 2.5 billion monthly users who collectively watch over 1 billion hours of video every day. As of May 2019, videos were uploading at a rate of over 500 hours of content per minute.

How to share videos

After knowing the background of YouTube, let’s talk about how to share YouTube videos.

The most common way is to click the Share button below the video. You can see so many options from there. You can share via WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook with your friends. This is the first way to share the videos.

The second way to share videos

And the second way to share videos is that you need to upload the video. Using this method, it will take you a long time to download the video if the network is not working well. However, the benefit of this way is for your friend. He or she can watch the video even without Wi-Fi or network.

What is Tracup?

The last but not the least way is to use our amazing tool, Tracup. It is a collaborative workspace focused on knowledge workers and digital developers, to integrate the most popular productivity tools and applications like Github, Figma, Zoom, Slack, etc.

Slash commands are the exciting new way to create and interact with built-in tools and apps on Tracup. It integrates many tools and you can use them for free in Tracup.

A better way to share videos

We have already integrated the link to YouTube, so you can connect easily Tracup then create a new task.

The magic happens, after typing a slash you will discover some interesting functions, one of them is YouTube. So if you want to share the videos with your friend. The only thing you have to do is copy that YouTube link and then send the link to your friend. He or she puts the link in this box, then he or she can see the video you shared.

Collaborate with your team wherever you are

Working together while apart has never been more critical. Learn how Tracup, a collaborative workspace of agile tools, issue tracking software, work scheduling solution, and task management focused on knowledge workers and digital developers to help teams create their best work from anywhere.

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Gather it all

Deep integrations with popular productivity tools such as Github, Figma, Zoom, Slack, Google Drive and even Microsoft Office etc. help you do more from anywhere.

In short, do not hesitate to use Tracup, there are more and more fun things to explore. Hit us!

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