How to find deleted YouTube videos as Penguinz0 launches $25,000 contest

YouTuber Penguinz0 has launched an internet contest to find around 500 of his old YouTube videos that he deleted in 2010.

Seeking some nostalgia and wanting to revisit his old content, Penguinz0 asked fans to try and locate his old videos, and there’s a huge cash prize.

Here’s everything we know…

Penguinz0 launches $25,000 quest

In a new video, Penguinz0 challenged their followers and started the video by saying, “People always say to be careful what you post online because once it’s on the internet it lasts forever. always and it’s just an outright lie, but I wish it were true.”

He went on to explain, “Over the past few years I have been looking for something sacred, a lost treasure that I haven’t even found a trace of yet, nor have I been able to locate someone who would even know where to go. start looking.

But what exactly is he looking for? Penguinz0 wants to find his old YouTube videos that he hasn’t been able to locate for years.

What videos does Penguinz0 want to recover?

Penguinz0 is looking for between 500 and 1000 videos he made and uploaded to YouTube between 2007 and 2010.

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To entice fans to seek out the clips, he decided to offer a financial reward to anyone able to retrieve the media. He said:

“I’m issuing what I think is an impossible challenge to the entire internet here, I know everyone loves lost media… so I’m just going to issue this challenge and put a bounty on it.”

If you manage to find the videos and re-upload them to YouTube, you will get paid for it. If you can find most of the videos, around 500, you will receive $25,000, but Penguinz0 will also pay video by video. So even if you can only find a few, you can expect a reward.

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How to Find Deleted YouTube Videos

To prevent fans from going down the wrong path, Penguinz0 explained that he had already contacted Google to try to find his videos, but to no avail.

Website explains that one way to recover old videos is to access the Wayback Machine which is a digital archive of the internet that contains over 500 billion pages.

You can see how to access it and use it to try to find old videos here.

In his YouTube videoPenguinz0 also shared some tips and advice with subscribers to help them get started as a fan nearly found videos during a livestream.

Shirley K. Rosa