How to download YouTube videos on mobile?

YouTube represents the largest and most popular video platform that we will find on the Internet. In this sense, it is the first place we look when we need to find not only audiovisual content, but also songs. But browsing this site also opens up additional needs and Thus we come to the classic question of how to download YouTube videos on mobile.

If you are looking for a way to do this, here we will show you several alternatives that will allow you to achieve it easily and quickly.

Is there a native feature to download YouTube videos on mobile?

It is worth clarifying this point, because when we open YouTube from the official site android app, we can see a download button on the videos. However, this feature is part of YouTube Premium and aims to save material in-app to enjoy later offline. It’s a mechanism similar to that offered by Spotify to have the songs available, even if you are not connected to the Internet.

Apps to download YouTube videos on mobile

There are several ways to answer how to download YouTube videos on mobile, in this sense we will focus, first, on the applications available. It should be noted that, These types of solutions are not in the play store because downloading videos from the platform is not an option allowed by Google. In this sense, you must download them from the manufacturer’s website or from unofficial repositories.


snaptube It is one of the best options that we can recommend to those who are looking for how to download YouTube videos on mobile. The process of using it is quite simple and starts with launching the application and entering the YouTube section. This will immediately take you to browse the platform in its mobile version, so it will be enough to enter any video to see the download icon.

By touching it you can define if you want to get only the audio or the video and, in addition, the quality in which you want to save it. Finally, indicate the folder where you want to store it and the download of the video will start.

It should be noted that, this application also allows to obtain material from other platforms such as Facebook, instagram and TikTok. In this sense, we have the possibility of downloading videos from different sources in the same interface, so you will not have to resort to other options.

Mate tube

Mate tube

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