How to Download YouTube Videos on Jio 2022 Phone

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Check How to Download YouTube Videos to Jio Phone

YouTube is one of the most popular applications for watching online videos for informational and entertainment purposes. YouTube covers all user video needs by offering a variety of videos from different fields. If you are a Jio Phone user, the YouTube app interface is different from what users see on Android or iOS devices. Unlike Android or iOS devices, users have to manually move the cursor on the screen. To download YouTube videos to Jio Phone, please follow the article till the end for detailed instructions.

Reliance Jio launched affordable Jio phones in July 2017 to enable high-speed 4G internet. It is powered by KaiOS, a lightweight operating system capable of running the most popular apps. However, its interface is quite different from the interface of traditional Android smartphones.

Jio Phones will run all the latest apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, but there is another way to use it. The JioPhone has a YouTube app that allows users to watch YouTube videos on the device. If you want to download the videos for later, you can also do that on your JioPhone.

How to Download YouTube Videos to Jio Phone

Steps to Download YouTube Videos to JioPhone

  • Open JioStore on your phone and download YouTube app from there. If you have already downloaded it on your phone,
  • also make sure to update it from the Jio Store.
  • Open the YouTube app and find the video you want to download.
  • Play the desired videos and once the video is fully loaded navigate to the video URL.
  • Now edit the video URL and add “ss” at the beginning of the URL.
    • Example: replace “–_I3E05Pk” with “–_I3E05Pk”.
  • You will see a page with download button, click on this button and a list of download options will appear below.
  • Click on one of the resolution options you want to download and the video will start downloading to your phone.

Final Words: How to Download YouTube Videos on Jio Phone

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