How to Add YouTube Videos to Slides


Wondering how to present it in a fascinating, educational and enclosing way? Forget that! We’ll walk you through how to get a YouTube video into Google Slides through a simple cycle so you can be ready to present a slideshow that’s anything but exhausting. Besides the fact that it’s really simple, however, your audience will thank you for it.

Why use Google Slides?

We’ve all been there – trapped in a meeting room enduring a slideshow that seems so long you’re totally dreaming. Towards the end of the show, you’re not even sure what’s going on. Currently, the situation is reversed. YOU have to stand up in front of the room and convey a connection to the show and the prospect of exhausting your audience scares you more than anything else.

Assuming you’ve at all times used – or been familiar with – Microsoft PowerPoint, we might want to familiarize you with Google Slides.

Google Slides is another amazing option (first of all, it’s free!). Anyway, what gives it an advantage in our book is that it lets you remember the video for your show. Why is it such a benefit to have the ability to embed a YouTube video into Google Slides?

Recordings capture attention

All things considered, as you probably know, recordings are an incredible method of grabbing your audience’s attention – and keeping it.

For the most part, adults have a thinking range of around eight seconds, according to research. Also, because AdAge is attention-grabbing, if you don’t completely captivate your audience after 30 seconds, you’ll likely lose 33% of your watchers, and after a while, 45% will stop watching.

The more you liven up your show with text, photos, recordings, and a Q&A meeting, the more likely you are to keep your audience locked in.

Recordings explain complex ideas

We’ve used this relationship before, but all at once, it’s so important. When faced with collecting new furniture from Ikea, do you spend hours trying to interpret their guidelines? No. You hop on YouTube for a quick 15 minute instructional exercise video.

With explanatory recordings, you can get straight to the point quickly and accurately. By memorizing the recordings of your slide, you help your audience understand what you’re talking about instead of giving them a thick manual to follow. It also helps break up walls of text and very long, tedious speeches (sorry!).

So, since it’s now so obvious why remembering a video is important for your show, you’re probably considering how to implant a video into Google Slides, especially if you’re curious about its usefulness.

Learn how to embed a YouTube video in Google Slides

This cycle is so simple that you will be left wondering why you didn’t do it all along.

All you will need is a web association – no download required!

Step 1

Go to and you can either make another slideshow (or open one you’ve already made assuming you’ve used the program before).

The Most Efficient Method to Embed YouTube Video in Google Slides Step 1

2nd step

To embed a video, click Insert on the top toolbar, then select Insert Video from the drop-down menu.

The Most Efficient Method to Embed YouTube Video in Google Slides Step 2

Step 3

Find and select the video you need to stake. In the chase menu bar, you can enter taglines or the title of the YouTube video you want to stake (in case you have a particular video as your primary concern).

Click on the amplifier glass symbol or enter.

Shirley K. Rosa