How to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos

If you surf YouTube often, chances are you’ve used the subtitles and captions that come with the videos. For viewers, subtitles are crucial as they allow better understanding of the content.

Subtitles become more meaningful when the viewer is unfamiliar with the language used in the video but still wants to enjoy it. They improve the audience experience and result in more accurate delivery of information, especially in informative videos.

For creators, adding subtitles to video can effectively increase their reach, as it tends to break down the language barrier and makes the content accessible to a wider audience. So if you are a video creator and want to add subtitles to your Youtube video, then we have a few easy ways to do that.

To add subtitles to your already downloaded YouTube video, follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Connect to your YouTube channel and click on the profile picture to open your channel.

2nd step – Then click on “Videos” to open the list of videos uploaded to your channel and select the video you want to add subtitles to.

Step 3 – Find it Subtitles option on the right side by scrolling below.

Step 4 – YouTube will then open the YouTube Studio Caption Editor for you where you can adjust your subtitles.

Step 5 – YouTube automatically generates subtitles for your video which you can see in the text box on the studio page. But, if you think they are too wrong, you can delete them.

Step 6 – To delete the text, click on the three points and click on clear text.

Step 7 – You can either type your subtitles in the text box or upload a subtitle file.

Step 8 – To download the subtitle file, first make sure it is supported by YouTube. Then select “Upload file” and choose between “With timing” or “Without timing”. You can choose “With Timing” if you have a written script that matches your video. The “No Timing” option can be used when your video needs to be synchronized with subtitles.

Step 9 – Click on continue and choose the file to upload before saving it.

To add subtitles when uploading a new video, follow the steps below.

Step 1 – While you are downloading the YouTube video, select “Add Subtitles” when you are in the “Video Items” download step.

Step 2 – You can upload the subtitle file as before, enter them manually or use the “Auto-Sync” option.

Step 3 – Download the subtitle file and choose “With Timing” or “Without Timing” and check if the subtitles match correctly. The auto-sync option can be used to simply paste the subtitle text and let YouTube sync it automatically.

Step 4 – Save changes and see subtitle options in downloaded video.

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Shirley K. Rosa