google messages: Google Messages may benefit from an improved video sharing feature

Google Mail may receive a new feature that will allow users to send good quality photos using Google Photos where the RCS function is not available.
9to5Google reported that the APK teardown of version 10.4 of Google’s SMS/RCS app reveals a new option to enable photo sharing via Google Photos via SMS/MMS. The setting preference is dubbed Google Photos: Share Sharper Video in Text (SMS/MMS).
The description of the setting highlights that the receiver can get a Google Photos link that they can click to watch the video. Another fact the website pointed out is the ability to watch Google Photos video right in the app from the chat window. However, the implementation on iOS devices may be slightly different and users may need to open the Google Photos link in a browser.
While it might not be a revolutionary idea to share videos using Google Photos, it’s definitely useful. Several brands already have this option like SamsungLink sharing where users can simply select few photos or videos and create a link to share with others through any favorite channel. A similar option is also available with Google Photos. However, in both cases users have to manually create the links by visiting the app.
With the functionality built right into the Google Messages app, Google’s proprietary solution itself will be a great addition to the app and will make it much easier to share videos between different devices, especially with iPhone.

Shirley K. Rosa