Google launches new video-sharing app for DIY tutorials

When it comes to how-to videos on just about anything, YouTube is still pretty much the platform to go to. However, with the rise of Instagram Stories and TikTok where the focus is on short video content, it looks like Google is trying to find an answer to this, which they might have in the form of a new application called Tangi.

The app, which is short for TeAch and GIve, comes out of Google’s 120 area, which is essentially home to the company’s various experimental projects. The idea is that with Tangi, users will be able to create and share videos of up to 60 seconds on a variety of DIY project topics.

This includes crafting, cooking, clothing, and makeup, to name a few. According to Google, “It’s an experimental social media video sharing app with quick DIY videos that help people learn new things every day. Tangi is where creative people can find new ideas and connect with other enthusiasts like them.

At the moment, Tangi is only available for iOS devices and can be downloaded via the App Store. It’s unclear when it will come to Android, and for now the download will be limited to a handful of creators, but there are plans to eventually open it up to more users in the future.

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Shirley K. Rosa