Google CEO says YouTube viewers watch hundreds of hours of video a day

Sundar Pichai

Flickr/Maurizio Pesce

Google has just hit back at Facebook in the increasingly heated video battle between the two companies.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said Monday that viewers of Google-owned YouTube watch hundreds of millions of hours of video every day.

It’s hundreds, plural.

And it’s essentially Pichai’s way of reminding investors that YouTube audiences watch far more videos than Facebook users watch on the social network.

Facebook has ramped up its video effort, with more than 8 billion daily video views on its service. A large portion of these video views are autoplay videos, which Facebook counts as a view if the video plays in a user’s feed for longer than three seconds.

Last week, Facebook revealed for the first time the total number of hours of video watched each day: 100 million hours per day.

That’s an impressive number, but it’s still well below YouTube.

Of course, Pichai did not specify how many hundreds of millions of hours of daily video viewing he has. But previous reports suggest it’s a bit.

The New York Times reported in December 2014, Internet users were watching more than 300 million hours of videos on YouTube every day. Next, someone familiar with YouTube numbers says Business Insider that the life of the watch had exceeded 500 million hours per day in July. YouTube also said its watch time had been 60% growth year over year.

Shirley K. Rosa