Flixxo vs YouTube: the David and Goliath of video-sharing platforms

Flixxo is changing the video sharing landscape and challenging YouTube by combining BitTorrents and smart contracts to create the first legal and decentralized content distribution network. Their token sale starts on October 24, 2017 at 2:00 PM CET.

Ever since Flixxo burst onto the crypto scene in early September, people have been getting more and more excited about the project, which is already being called the “decentralized YouTube”. With its unique monetization structure that rewards both content creator and viewer, Flixxo hopes to take a significant share of YouTube’s 1.3 billion user market.

BitcoinTalk user btcltcdigger commented:

One day you will turn on your PS4 system (maybe PS5, who knows) and there, next to Netflix will be Flixxo.

Redditor u/Lloydie1 was equally optimistic:

Woohoo. Take the profits from YouTube and share them among content creators, viewers, and advertisers. Awesome!

Of course, no project can rest on its laurels for long. As comedian Eddie Murphy says, we wonder, “What has Flixxo been up to lately?” In a recent blog post, the Flixxo team updated readers on some of the latest developments, including the addition of Transform PR CEO Michael Terpin to the project’s advisory board and the upcoming appearance of Flixxo CEO Adrián. Garelik, at the CoinAgenda Global conference in Las Vegas. .

Remarkable partnerships

To add more value, security and functionality to their project, Flixxo has forged a number of strategic partnerships. These include AdEx, Bancor, CoinFabrik, FAV!Media, Stremio, Wings, as well as RSK Labs and Popcorn Time, whose founders are among the developers of Flixxo. bitcoinist also spoke briefly with Garelik, who confirmed that Flixxo is currently in talks with several content-producing companies whose names have yet to be announced.

About Flixxo

Flixxo is a video sharing platform that allows users to upload videos, share them with the community, and get rewarded with Flixx (FLX) tokens. It is based on a peer-to-peer (p2p) distributed content storage system from which the actual videos will be transferred via BitTorrent and stored locally on viewers’ devices.

The advantages of such decentralization are twofold. First, it eliminates the need for expensive hosting services and the massive bandwidth required to stream a large library of video content. Second, it removes the reliability and security issues typically associated with centralized data storage.

As a social network, Flixxo is powered by Flixx Digital Tokens (FLX). Platform users can use FLX to access content and reward contributors. Content producers can also use FLX to reward users for sharing and seeding their content. In addition to receiving FLX as a reward, users have the opportunity to earn tokens by viewing advertisements and sponsored content. Since the display of these advertisements is strictly opt-in (for example, users must actively Choose to watch it), the problems associated with annoying and intrusive traditional advertising become moot.

The Flixxo developers explain:

Use your Flixx to reward the producers you follow, encouraging them to create even more awesome content. Or keep your Flixxes in your wallet and use them to buy a movie ticket, a pair of shoes from an online retailer, a chest of coins in your favorite game or even convert them into old fashioned cash or digital assets promising. , like bitcoin.

Content quality

The success of any content-centric platform largely depends on the quality of that content. To that end, Flixxo aims to strike a fair balance between lack of censorship and curated content through the use of content guidelines and community moderation.

According to the creators of Flixxo:

We know there’s a thin line between filtering or curating content and censorship, and it’s a fact that we have an open network for anyone to download any content. However, Flixxo as a platform will apply some filtering based on clear rules – there should be a code of behavior for uploaders to deliver the right content to the right user.

Sale of Flixxo tokens

The Flixxo token sale will begin on October 24, 2017 and will last for 30 days or until a maximum of 200 million Flixx have been sold. There is a total token supply of 900 million Flixx which will be distributed as follows:

Flixx tokens can only be purchased with ETH and will have a fixed exchange rate of 1 Flixx = 0.00025 ETH (1 ETH = 4000 Flixx). The first investors in the project are eligible to receive significant discounts:

  • 30% discount for those who buy in the first 24 hours (1 ETH = 5200 Flixx)
  • 25% off for purchases made within 2-7 days (1 ETH = 5000 Flixx)
  • 20% discount for purchases made within 8-14 days (1 ETH = 4800 Flixx)
  • 15% discount for purchases made within 15 to 21 days (1 ETH = 4600 Flixx)
  • 10% discount for purchases made within 22-30 days (1 ETH = 4400 Flixx)

At the end of the token sale, the funds will be allocated as shown below:

For more information about the Flixxo project and the token sale, please visit www.flixxo.com. You can also catch up with the team on Telegram, Twitterand BitcoinTalk.

Do you think Flixxo can challenge YouTube and make significant inroads in the video-sharing giant’s market share? Let us know in the comments below.

Images courtesy of Flixxo

Shirley K. Rosa